Pothole Ridden Road Surfaces after Rains in New Kru Town

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As the rainy season comes to an end, potholes hidden by the accumulation of water have resurfaced in the heart of the Borough of New Kru Town on the Bushrod Island, Monrovia.

The stretch of road at the east end of New Kru Town is in a condition that stands to create more hazards for the public. In an encounter with business owners and residents of the affected area, concerns were expressed over the fate of the road.

Those business people sounded an urgent appeal to the Ministry of Public Works and other stakeholders that are associated with the rehabilitation to prioritize work on the road during the Dry Season, which according to our geographers, began on October 15 and will last until April 15, 2014.

One resident, Samuel B. Kun, pointed out that for several months commercial vehicle drivers have constantly refused to transport commuters and business people to the east end of New Kru Town.

Resident Kun indicated that the drivers refused because of the deplorable condition of the small stretch road.

Davidetta K. Sackor, a businesswoman, told the Daily Observer that drivers refused to convey her goods to the dead end of the pothole riddled road due to the potential damage it would cause on their vehicles.

She stressed the need for the Ministry of Public Works to prioritize the rehabilitation of the road in order to ensure the free movement of goods, people, and services in New Kru Town.

Ms. Sackor pointed out that the stretch of road may be small, but it leads to numerous business entities at the dead end of the road. She added that business people in New Kru Town are experiencing serious losses because of the road.

“I wish to appeal to the heads of the MPW to consider small neighborhood roads as critical to the development and growth of small business people in Monrovia,” Madam Sackor pleaded.

Meanwhile several students also sounded an urgent appeal to the MPW heads to rehabilitate the bad road.


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