Postal Ministry Wants Coordinated Activities of E-Liberia in Government Ministries

Mini. Kruah expresses optimism about the agreement.

The newly appointed Minister of Posts & Telecommunications, Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah has urged all government ministries to effectively coordinate activities of E-Liberia and ICT heads to synchronize plans that will improve and standardize its Internet Communication Technology (ICT).

At a one-day workshop organized by the Ministry to ascertain some of the difficulties facing government ministries’ ICT departments, Min. Kruah said it will be a good thing for government ministries to coordinate and know what the challenges are so that his office can assist in a timely manner.

ICT heads of over 20 government ministries’  attended the workshop and exchanged ideas that will help standardize the ICT sector among various government ministries and agencies.

Some of the discussions centered around the network connectivity roll-out support to MAC which will provide a reliable broad brand connection among government ministries, agencies, and commissions.

The head of the ICT Department at the Posts & Telecommunications Mr. D. Nalon Kaine presented a demonstration indicating that their outfit will coordinate links among some of the activities of E-Liberia in government ministries.

Mr. Kaine further indicated that the Portal Website for government ministries should be done within few months and also called on their implementing partners to consider aiding them in the process.

“As a group we will work together to beef up our capacity” he stated, and pointed out that they will develop standardized ICT Strategic Plan for governmental documents, including programs, budget and cost and work with each Ministry, Agency, or Commission (MAC) to customize the roadmap aligned with agency’s core business.

He urged every ICT head to present a plan to develop a training concept for documents to get on its website especially for the Public Affairs Department to be able to upload information efficiently and accurately.

Mr. Kaine said an active website will help each government’s public affairs department provide information to the public effectively and accurately.



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