Postal Affairs Employees Get Technical Training



Ten staffers of the Ministry Of Posts And Telecommunications, who had undergone two weeks of vigorous training exercise in the Federal Republic Of Nigeria have returned home to put to work the knowledge acquired in that country.

The employees were trained in the following disciplines: Mail Handling & Processing, Postal Security, IPS Light/Track and Trace, Postal Administration, Financial Services and Terminal Dues in Nigeria. They returned back in the country on

Those who benefitted from the training include Inspector General George Peter of the Postal Inspectorate Bureau, Abraham Lakpor and Mary Garkoto of the Expedited Mail Services (EMS), and Feona Arman, Superintendent of Parcel Post,.

Others were Philip Kiazolu, Atina Toe of Registered Letter Section, Buchanan Post Master Aaron Pailey, Susanna Conteh of the Finance Bureau, Chupee Keamue of Stamp Supply and Philip Jayjay of International Accounts.

Since his arrival at the ministry, Postmaster General/Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Dr. Frederick Norkeh, , has always stressed Maintenance, Postal Operations, Personnel, Finance, Procurement and Logistics as key areas to consider for infusing dynamism, recommitment and motivation to appraise and consider the category of priority systemization of professional services of the Ministry.

Minister Norkeh noted that in his anticipation of practical results from members of his staff, he has remained resolute to infusing all the quality training needed for a skilled and trained workforce required to dramatically improve bottom line performance.

He emphasized the need to  make overall operational delivery services easier to compete internationally with other postal administrations and meet the challenge of offering professional postal delivery service at affordable cost to all stakeholdersin Liberia. In order to do this, the Ministry must keep up with technological advancement and remain compliant with standards set by the Universal Postal Union of the United Nations.

“It was against this backdrop that prompted my engagement with my Nigerian counterpart, M. Alhaji Ibrahim Mori Baba, who gladly accepted to have these ten postal personnel of the Ministry trained to help strengthen and sustain the Ministry’s capacity.

My dream is to also collaborate in the future with partners such as the Roraima Group, which has been identified to help provide postal financial services to Liberians, and other residents in and out of Liberia through Liberia’s Postal Delivery System.

The Post Master’s vision is to support the proposed establishment of local Internet Exchange Services in Liberia, as being done across Africa, through the African Union Commission, in Collaboration with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and Internet Society that conducted “Best Practice Capacity Building Workshop of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)” in Monrovia on October 1, 2013.

In a related development, Minister Norkeh has recently departed the country to attend the 2014 World Telecommunications Development Conference in Dubai, the United Arab Emirate (UAE).

His trip is as a result of an invitation of the government of that country extended to their Liberian counterpart.

The conference is scheduled to be held at the World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 30 March to 10 April 2014.

The World Telecommunications Development Conferences (WTDC) is convened every four years in the period between two Plenipotentiary Conferences and provides a forum for the consideration of topics, projects and programs relevant to telecommunications development and for the provision of direction and guidance to the Telecommunications Development Sector.



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