Post & Telecommunication Ministry Launches GovNet to Enhance Service Delivery


The government of Liberia has launched a new platform, called “GovNet”, which is geared towards improving efficiency of government ministries, agencies and commissions in public service delivery.

GovNet is a platform which aimed at improving the government’s service performance and brings government closer to citizens by enhancing its internet and computer technology capability.

Cllr. Cooper Kruah, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, in remarks during the launch of the GovNet platform over the weekend, said the platform is a secured and dedicated wide area network that connects government ministries, agencies, and commissions for minimal cost and information sharing.

“The creation of GovNet will enhance tax revenue and improved tax administration, enhance budget management and expenditure through the effective use of the IFMIS database, and support the National Biometric Registry among others,” he said.

“This means government ministries will no longer experience internet problem, which slows down employee functions and services delivery systems that continue to cause the government to lose thousands of dollars on a daily basis,” Min. Kruah said. “In addition, the coming of GovNet will help to save the government of over USD$400,000 annually due to the affordability of the platform.”

Min. Kruah added GovNet will also help the government to integrate and interface the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) system with key Public Financial Management (PFM) databases that include the current project management modules, budget management among others.

The ministry’s achievement, according to Min. Kruah is part of Pillar 5.3.1 & 4 of the Pro-Poor Agenda which among other things points to E-governance and ICT to improve business processes and productivity which states that: “ICT will be mainstreamed through the expansion of e-governance services and automation of processes to minimize human inputs”.

Giving an overview of GovNet, Richmond Tobii, the Managing Director of LIBTELCO, the government arm for ICT policy implementation said, “GovNet facilitates secure and reliable communications between government ministries, agencies and commissions and enables the sharing of existing and further government software applications”.

Mr. Tobii added: GovNet, which is a centralized e-service platform, will address government ICT challenges by providing various government ministries, agencies and commissions with cost-effective access to information technology infrastructure, technologies and expertise enabling them to eliminate the redundant tasks and cost associated with individual e-service hosting.

The launch of the government program, which was held at the Monrovia City Hall, brought together several stakeholders including Dr. Anthony Chan, Mission Director of USAID, BlueCrest University College President, Dr. Gajendra Singh, and head of Digital-Liberia.


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