Post and Telecom Minister Tours NAPAS Project

(Third from left) Post and Telecommunications Minister Kruah and other officials of the ministry touring the NAPAS project.

The Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah, has toured the National Postal Address System (NAPAS) project currently ongoing from the various communities Sinkor to Vamoma House.

The project is phase one of the ministry’s strategic plan to provide schools, clinics, hospitals, homes and offices across the country numbers with postal and street addresses.

According to Mr. Kruah block “A” of the physical numbering projects begins from the UN compound on 1st Street, Sinkor and ends on 7th Street. Block “B” starts from 7th Street and ends on 13th street; followed by block “C”, which ends on 17th Street; and block “D” starts from 17th street and ends at Vamoma House junction.

Min. Kruah said the project, when completed, will make it easy for mail delivery and the identification of properties during emergency situations.

“The project, which is near completion, is an innovative localized addressing system designed to help the postal service increase the number of homes it is capable of delivering to,” Mr. Kruah said.

As a country with a population of less than 5 million, Liberia is noted for its poor addressing system that allows fewer than 20 per cent of its inhabitants to receive their mail at home.

To redress the situation and improve its services, Min. Kruah said the ministry is working tirelessly to roll-up the NAPAS project across the country.

“Improving Liberia’s address system is key to our agenda, which aims to transform, innovate, and deliver more services to more people all over the country. Postal services have a critical role in building a strong economy and we are firmly focused on the future, taking steps to modernize and grow their capacity and range of services. A postcode system does exist, but only 5 per cent of mails get properly addressed with the postcode, hampering the efforts of the Ministry to improve its quality of service,” Min. Kruah added.

Meanwhile, the NAPAS project director Dixson Gwion has disclosed that that about 958 buildings has been numbered since the inception of the project, with more expected in the coming months.


  1. Putting numbers on buildings is a censorship exercise. There should be some assurance that the entire Liberian nation has some trust in the mail delivery system. Putting outlets on houses at options of owners on each ground of properties to assist property owners by the Ministry of Postal affairs to help protect these receiving and delivery outlets will even extend the minute already establish codes to the entire population. There should no fees charged in this installation. In simple words, put a carpentry made box at each house at property owner option so that postal uniformed agents assigned in each coded area can on a daily basis receive and deliver mail to General Post office in town for posting. If the Post Office cannot supply the wooding boxes themselves marked NPS, what are they doing to receive and deliver mail to buck of the nation? We will need to see the Postal delivery system tested and improved before supply funds or International subsidy to pay the postal bills owed by the Liberian Government. These Officials will not be allowed to misuse postal monies any more. Let Liberians know.
    Do not reply me.


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