Possible Charges Hang over Mary Broh

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The leader of the Special Presidential Taskforce, Mary Broh, faces possible disciplinary measures from the Legislature if she does not give “convincing and legal reason” for the destruction of the fence of Rep. Solomon C. George’s garage and the seizure of his official vehicle.

Rep. George complained that Madam Broh, who is also the Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA), and her team “maliciously, disrespectfully and disgracefully” destroyed the fence of his garage in the Old Road Community, adding that it is not a makeshift fence.

“She also ordered her people to jack my car (a jeep), marked HOR-27, out of the garage with no respect to the license plate that her office is aware of,” Rep. George wrote.

Rep. George’s letter to Speaker Alex Tyler, dated December 2, 2015, was read yesterday during the third sitting of the 5th Session of the Legislature.

“In addition, she ordered her men to climb on my truck using it as a ladder to bring down the concrete fence. Hon. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen of this august body, I believe the action of Madam Broh is provocative, disrespectful thereby contemptuous to my status as a member of the first branch of government.

“I therefore take this time to request this august body to invite Madam Broh to show reason for the…actions.”

However, it was unanimously decided that Rep. George’s complaint should be handled by the Leadership.

This is not the first time Broh has raised the ire of legislators individually or summarily. It may be recalled that in 2012, both houses of the Legislature declared a ‘vote of no confidence’ in her as the then Acting City Mayor of Monrovia, based on numerous but futile attempts to have Madam Broh appear before the body to explain why she must continue to enjoy the confidence of the Senate following countless complaints from citizens in Monrovia including one from the Administrative Assistant in the office of Maryland County Senator John A. Bollout, Mrs. Nancy Gaye, for an alleged ‘brutal assault.’


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