Poor Turnout at NTAL Meeting in Nimba


A called meeting of officials of the National Teacher Association of Liberia (NTAL) in Ganta, Nimba County over the weekend was poorly attended due to lack of interest from teachers assigned in the county.
The NTAL leadership has recently pressed for the removal of the Minister of Education, George K. Werner, saying he is boastful and also runs the Education Ministry by unilateral decision, which they believe was affecting the sector.

The NTAL was in Nimba over the weekend to solicit support from the teachers in the county to lay down their chalks, beginning today, Monday as part of the protest against the administration of Minister Werner.

A team of NTAL officials which was headed by the Association’s acting President Mary Mulbah Nyumah, held a series of consultative meetings as well as radio phone-in programs to convince teachers and the public about their action that called for the Minister’s resignation.

Despite the low turnout at the meeting in Ganta, the NTAL executives convened and managed to send out the message.
The team accused Minister Werner of misusing the office of the Minster of Education to run the Ministry as his none-governmental organization (NGO) offices.

“He is violating our education rules to the extent that he doesn’t respect the teachers,” Mrs. Nyumah said as the few who attended the meeting nodded.
The teachers are also accusing the Minster of being the cause of the mass failure of students in the recently administered West African Examination Council exam, and also for the abrupt closure of schools in 2015.
The alleged deleting of teachers’ names from the payroll illegally and stopping scholarships at the Tubman University in Maryland were among the accusations the NTAL outlined in their demand to remove Minister Werner.

To demand bonifide teachers to reapply is against labor law having been employed several years ago,” the NTAL said.

The teachers criticized the recent test the Ministry administered to them as bogus, which does not meet any standard.

During the cabinet retreat in Bomi this year, 6200 teachers were targeted to be deleted from the government roster, where, according the NTAL, 2500 teachers had already been deleted since the retreat, while 1500 teachers whose names were submitted to civil service agency for retirement have also been deleted from the payroll after serving in the teaching field or many years.


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