Poor Turnout at DJP Political Rally in Nimba

The handful of partisans at the DJP rally

“Most of you here have more than four to five T-shirts, yet you continue to look for some more,” Vice Standard bearer tells attendees. 

Despite outlining a comprehensive platform for the country if he is elected President next week, the political rally of the opposition Democratic Justice Party (DJP) of Dr. Issac Wiles was poorly attended in Ganta, Nimba County.

Prior to the rally, its conveners did much publicity through local radio jingles to attract the attention of Nimbaians, but when the time arrived, not many people turned out as the party’s leadership had expected.

Some of their supporters expressed disappointment, with most partisans venting their frustration at the DJP leadership.

As the rally began, little did the handful of people who turned out know that there were no party T-shirts and nothing much to show that the party is well organized to transform the country’s political and economic direction if trusted with state power.

“We are very disappointed in the leadership of this party for their failure to fully support us as partisans in this vote rich county,” said DJP county chair Nathan Suah.

“We were told to mobilize people to parade through the principal streets of Ganta, but there were no T-shirts to identify us as DJP partisans,” he lamented.

Suah also complained of a lack of logistics to effectively work as an opposition political party that is prepared to take state power.

The situation degenerated further to the extent that  far less than 100 persons remained, in spite of a week-long local radio promotion.

To add insult to the aggrieved partisans’ woes, Dr. Wiles was nowhere to be seen at the rally, although his running mate, Richmond D. K. Yarkpah, filled in for him, which led many partisans to angrily abandon the program.

Yarkpah said the DJP is a God-fearing party hence the leadership is relying on God’s full protection to win the upcoming elections.

“Most of you here have more than four to five T-shirts, yet you continue to look for some more. We do not have the kind of money or things you want, but we can provide you the best leadership ever in the history of this country if we are elected,” he told the handful of supporters who stayed long enough to listen to him.

Mr. Yarkpah, in his address, said a DJP government will provide free education for all Liberians from kindergarten to university for a period of five years, and provide incentives to university students on a monthly basis for their upkeep.

Yarkpah further promised to train specialized doctors to be assigned to particular cases with which patients are diagnosed.

Mr. Yarkpah, a son of Nimba, is one of the five vice standard bearers from Nimba County chosen by presidential candidates representing the various political parties, but the poor turnout at his first political appearance was described as a sign of political failure.


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