Poor Road Drainage Construction Poses Threat to Buildings at VOA

Poorly constructed community road on Roberts International Airport Highway in Paynesville.

Residents, property owners cry for urgent Public Works intervention

Very poor road and drainage construction works carried out at the former Voice of America (VOA) navigation site on the Roberts International Airport Highway in Paynesville, reveal that residential buildings are under threat of collapse due to erosion caused by annual flooding and incomplete road construction works in the area.

Residents and property owners say they have complained to authorities of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) on numerous occasions, about how the incomplete roadwork is causing flooding in their area during the rainy season.

During a tour of the VOA community by our reporter on Monday, it was observed that most of the houses along the road are being threatened by the gradual erosion of the poorly constructed drains.

The people of the effected communities have sounded an urgent appeal to MPW authorities to intervene now in order to save the many houses on the verge of collapse during the coming rains.

Well placed MPW sources told the Daily Observer on Monday that the contract to construct the community roads was awarded to a Nigerian company that to date has allegedly failed to complete the job.

Our sources allege that an initial payment was made to the Nigerian contractor (name withheld) for the VOA community road a few months ago in Monrovia.

However, our sources added that the monitoring and evaluation components were not carried out due to alleged kickbacks received by those who should have carried out the oversight and assessment of the project.

In separate interviews, affected residents and property owners of the VOA community on Monday expressed grave concern and underscored the urgent need for the MPW authorities to institute a fact-finding mission in order to ascertain why the contractor has not been able to complete the construction work on the road.

Resident J. Massaquoi Kollie pointed out that from all indications the contractor did not do a professional job and should be made to complete the job properly before the start of the rainy season.

J. Kokulo Fasuekoi, whose house is situated at the edge of the poorly constructed drainage, expressed grave concern about the situation and urged authorities of the MPW to take swift action and remove the threat posed to his residence.

“I have actually spent a lot of my scarce resources and will not want my efforts to build this house to go in vain especially during these critical financial times in our country,” he pleaded.


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