‘Poor Bomi Needs Savior of Experience’


Liberia’s former Chief Justice, Cllr. Frances Johnson Morris-Allison, has declared that she has ample experience to liberate and serve the people of Bomi and take the county to a better and more acceptable level.

The Bomi County Senatorial aspirant said the county needs a change of leadership engendered by the election of its brightest daughter to develop the county and champion the welfare of the youths, women and men who are aggrieved in the various concession areas.

Cllr. Morris-Allison, who spoke with the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview Wednesday, won the senatorial space unopposed on the ticket of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) for Bomi County on June 30, 2014.

The daughter of a former Bomi County Clan Chief, Cllr. Morris-Allison outlined the 7-pillars of her campaign, with transparency and accountability at the top, followed by education, youth unemployment, women empowerment, restoring the dignity of the county’s traditions and protecting the rights of Bomi workers.

Cllr. Morris-Allison has held the positions of justice advocate, National Director for the Catholic Justice for Peace Commission (JPC); Chief Justice during the Transitional era and Justice Minister as well as Chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Commerce Minister and Executive Director for the Liberia Anti- Corruption Commission (LACC).

Candidate Morris-Allison, who is joining party politics for the first time, said, “I’m so pleased and excited that I have reached this stage in my political sojourn and have gone through the primary and come out successfully in my first political move.”

She says she decided to go into party politics because she believes that the governance of Liberia needs the best skills and talents, the best qualities and best characters that are available.  “I think I have something to contribute to the governance of my county,” she averred.

“The people of Bomi can be assured that when elected, I  will not  compromise their interests or that of the Liberian people by taking ‘brown envelopes’, she vowed.

Cllr. Morris-Allison asserts that in terms of good leadership she is the best alternative for the people of Bomi.  “I’m saying to the people of Bomi that they should give me the chance because I represent the best alternative for them in terms of good leadership; I’m the best option and I’m telling them to put their trust in me because I am their rescuer,” petitioned Cllr. Allison.

There are ten candidates aspiring for the senatorial seat in Bomi County—three females and seven males. Senator Lahai Lassanna currently occupies the position.  He is seeking reelection.

Counselor Allison is one of the two main challengers whom Senator Lassanna faces.  The other is Attorney Morris Saytoma, former Deputy Minister of State for Presidential Affairs.

The Senatorial aspirant vowed to use the “Jehovah’s Witness” campaign style to win the election although other aspirants (who she did not name) would use money or rice.  But the people of Bomi County will vote her into the Senate, she said with confidence.


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