Pool of Blood Scares Commuters at Bus Stop


Police officers, journalists, commuters and pedestrians seeking shelter at a bus stop on 12th Street, Sinkor Tuesday, May 27, became terrified when they discovered a pool of blood near one stopping point for buses.

Some of the leaked lumps of the blood travelled as far as the edge of the coal tar (road) that connects that part to the bus stop.

Apart from the blood at the bus stop, there were splashes of the specimen visible on the back wall and seat of the iron-plated bus stop itself, thus scaring away commuters who wanted to sit and wait for transportation.

Following Tuesday’s discovery of blood at the bus stop, hurried onlookers joined the already terrified commuters and pedestrians to take a careful look at what had happened.

Eyewitnesses who spoke to the Daily Observer attributed the discovery to an alleged criminal who was reportedly hacked to death by nearby residents.

The situation Tuesday was so scary that it even prevented police officers assigned at the 12th Street intersection from seeking shelter under the booth at the bus stop after being afflicted by the blazing sun.

None of the LNP officers was willing to speak to our reporter, fearing that they had not been authorized by their superiors.   

Up to press time last night, there was no clue as to who might have spilled the blood or how it had dripped all over the area.


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