Poll Watchers Sue ANC in Nimba

The aggrieved ANC poll watchers showing their ANC accreditation cards

About 170 poll watchers of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC ) have taken the party to the Ganta Magisterial Court for failing to pay stipends the party’s county leadership promised them for last Tuesday’s polls.

The poll watchers, many of them students,  told the Daily Observer that their stipend of US$75 each was yet to be released since voting ended on election day, October 10.

“We need our money the ANC Nimba chapter promised to us so we can return to our respective campuses,” said Otis Yoryor, one of the aggrieved students.

“They told us that at the close of the polls, we were to get our pay without the least delay, but as of today (last Thursday) we haven’t seen any sign of getting our money.”

Nearly all of those requesting their stipend from the ANC were assigned at the various polling places in Ganta and its environs.

“We worked for the entire day without food and transportation, but our money is yet to come,” said Dorcah T. Siaway, a mother of five.

“We have made frantic efforts through phone calls, but neither of the county officials cared to answer to the calls,” said Abraham Cooper.

When contacted via mobile phone, ANC Nimba County chairman Watson Yeanor admitted to the poll watchers’ claims, but said the amount was US$7 each, not US$75 as they were claiming.

According to Yeanor, “under the Labor Law, no unskilled person can make US$75 per day, so the poll watchers were making a false and unjust accusation that the party owed them such an amount of money.”

He said that the party did not specify a definite date and time to pay the poll watchers, as they were claiming, adding, “my office is making some efforts to pay them once and for all.”


  1. That is the Cummings who promised to create 100,000 jobs in 3 months! He does not want salary. Here poor students and others have to take him and his party to court to pay them for job they have done for him Cummings and his party. With all the noise, he is still in a single digit! This boy (Cummings) is nothing but a BIG LIAR AND A HUSTLER WHO SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO ANY STRATEGIC PORTFOLIO AS THE PRESIDENCY. HE IS A LIAR AND A FAKE!

  2. Your name alone shows who you are. You can’t compare your old self with Cummings. You are uneducated that’s why in stead of looking for something good, you there writing mess.

  3. My son, let Cummings just pay those he hired as ANCś poll watchers. And then my “old self” will begin to “look for something good.”

    Or is Cummings vex about his not surprising 7 percent election results after promising to create 100, 000 jobs in 3 months?

    Or is he thinking those poll watchers he cannot pay do not want salary just as he says when he becomes president (actually in his dream) he will not accept salary?

    Well, we shall be at the court and hear him Cummings tell the judge why he is able to create 100, 000 jobs in 3 months but is unable to pay poor workers who worked in the rain for him.


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