What Is Hurting Senators?

President of Senate VP Boakai; Senate Pro Tempore_web.jpg

An attempt by the President of the Senate Vice President Joseph Boakai to preside over activities of the 7th day sitting of the Senate plenary lasted less than 15 minutes before a motion was proffered for executive session.

This was the third since the return of the Senate from the annual constituency break on January 13, 2014.

Bomi County Senator Sando Dazoe Johnson, who proffered the motion, reasoned that certain important issues on the agenda and order of business needed to be deliberated in an executive session; and received a unanimous yes hand vote to the apparent dismay of Vice President Boakai.

It may be recalled that during their scheduled 6th day of sitting, Senators received verbal communication from then presiding Officer, Senator Clarice Jah, that Vice President Boakai needed at least five minutes to have discussions with that body. There are indications that whatever may have been discussed failed to yield fruitful results, hence the continuing non-plenary sitting members of that Upper House.

Tuesday’s agenda— like previous ones— was well loaded and still carried as an agenda item a communication from embattled Police Director Chris Massaquoi, whom it appears is no longer receiving the blessings of the Senators.

Due to the nature of the rules and laws governing their proceedings, Senators remain resolute not to divulge information on what transpires behind their mahogany doors during the executive session. “Whatever we discuss and execute in session remains executive material,” Senate Pro Tempore Gbehzohngar Findley usually tells Legislative Journalists.

The unexplained political ailment hurting members of the 53rd Senate is fast capturing the attention of both the hierarchies of the Executive and Legislative branches of the Government.

The President recently sent a list of nominees of Liberians who are either going through confirmation hearings or have already gone through that process, but are awaiting their fate from the various Senate Committees.

In her annual address to the Legislature last week Monday, President Sirleaf informed the Senators the Executive would be sending them several Bills/Acts that need ratification and/or enactment into law.

Whether the Senators’ lukewarm behavior towards the Executive is as a result of their displeasure with the now out of favor Police boss Massaquoi remains a mystery.    


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