Weah Denies Promising Container of Medical Supplies


Peace Ambassador George Weah has denied ever promising a 40-ft container of medical supplies to Liberia to help fight the Ebola Virus Disease.

In a brief interview yesterday in Virginia, outside Monrovia, Amb. Weah said that at no time did he make a statement committing himself to contribute to the national fight against Ebola with a container full of drugs and medical equipment, claiming that an assertion of that nature was the mere work of politicians.

“I don’t know where the news of the 40-ft container is coming from. People just get on Facebook and write anything they want to write. I came to Monrovia and donated some PPEs to the ELWA Hospital and other items to the community; you guys went on Facebook and said I was bringing a container of medical supplies to Liberia. I did not say that to anybody. Those spreading that news are not truthful.

“What I said was, the Ebola Emergency Fund, established in France, made some medical supplies available which I took to ELWA at the time. I asked the hospital what they needed so that we can solicit support for the country from outside. Ebola Emergency France is receiving more donations to fight Ebola and I can assure you that as much as we get those donations, whatever is being collected will be sent to our people here,” Amb. Weah declared.

Regarding the pending election, the CDC Senatorial Candidate expressed support for the postponement, adding; “Ebola remains the country’s focus at the moment.”

He maintained that he remains a candidate in the election, downplaying comments that he has no intension of contesting at the polls.

Though Amb. Weah maintains that his hat is in the race for Montserrado County, the CDC political leader seemed indecisive about engaging in political campaign rallies before election day.


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