‘We Are Doomed for Failure, If…’


Montserrado County Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif is warning her colleague Legislators that unless they start to adequately capacitate their staffers through empowerment and build their human resource capacity, the Legislature is doomed to failure.

Senator Doe-Sherif, who chairs the Senate’s Committee on Transport, was speaking Monday at program marking the launch of the Legislative Information Service (LIS) Electronic/E-Newsletter and official Facebook for the purpose of disseminating critical information to Members of the Legislature and the public on the work of LIS; as well capturing and lifting ‘cutting edge’ activities at the Legislature.

The launch of the program according to LIS, spotlighted what it called “Effective Service Delivery in the Public Sector in General and the Legislature in Particular.”

Senator Doe-Sherif emphasized the need for the LIS staff and others working for the Legislature to be capacitated and supported in the manner and form to be compared to none.

“When we are elected as Senators or Representatives we do not have all the technical knowhow or the knowledge to run our offices effectively; that is why we hire people to form part of our staff to help us run our offices. But if we as Senators and Representatives do not capacitate these people; empower them, build their human resource capacity, I think we are doomed to failure.

“It is incumbent upon all of us that we support you financially, morally and physically, through individual means and take it through the different Chambers and then the leaderships,” Sen. Doe Sherif said about LIS staff.

She assured LIS of support from the Legislature and promised to champion their cause.

“Maybe this initiative will help to reduce the amount of failure we have around here. And so I want to be the first person to give you a laptop to support the LIS and also a cash donation of US$500.”

Speaking earlier, the Director of LIS McCarthy Weh asserted that Liberia as a country is undertaking its transformation program called “The Agenda for Transformation,” and that for that transformation to be very successful there is a need to embark on critical reforms.

“We think individual institutions in Liberia must embark on critical reforms, and we think the Legislature must take the lead in this critical reform. Meaningful national transformation requires critical institutional reform,” Director Weh emphasized.

“We are saying that the Legislature must make it mandatory for both Chambers to run an electronic voting system; we think by now there is no reason why constituents of lawmakers who are outside of Monrovia cannot know how a particular member votes on a particular issue.”

Director Weh challenged the legislature on the need to do more: “There is something in strategic management called competitive advantage. If there is need for competitive advantage between and among the three branches of Government of the staffers let us do it. If the Executive thinks that their staffers can work, let the Legislators too show that their staffers can work; for you to do that, you have to support your department.”

The LIS boss regretted the absence of House Speaker Alex Tyler and Senate Pro Tempore Gbehzohngar Findley, who according to the program sheet, were expected to make special remarks.

“This is why I wanted the Speaker and the Pro Tempore to be present, your department needs your support; we are qualified, competent and have all the requisite qualifications that our colleagues at the executive branch of Government have; your Chief of Staff that run your offices are qualified people, so let us support them,” he asserted.

Before the close of the program, Senator Doe-Sherif officially launched a newsletter titled "REFORM 2 TRANSFORM" with the click of a laptop “send” button.


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