“Urgent Need to Support Liberia”

Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr., Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative to the United Nations

–Amb. Kemayah pleads to UN

Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr., Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said he has made a passionate plea to international community to urgently support Liberia to ensure the substance of peace, democracy, and security prevail at all time.

Amb. Kemayah, who spoke at the Annual Session of the UN Peace building Commission in New York, said that the Liberian economy is under immense stress as prices of major export commodities remain at rock bottom.

He said that the internationally celebrated peace that Liberia enjoys, is threatened by increased protests, and the challenges to pay civil servants, therefore, stressing for urgent need to support Liberia.

“If there was ever an urgent need to help Liberia, it is now! The peace we enjoy is being threatened by increased protests. The payment of salaries of civil servants remains a challenge. Henceforth, we once again call on the international community, and friends of Liberia to kindly consider the consolidation of the much-needed assistance to Liberia at this critical time. We want to call on the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the African Development Bank to assist Liberia,” Kemayah added.

He informed the UN Peacebuilding Commission that while seeking international assistance, the Liberian government, was also taking practical measures in a genuine attempt to address the inherited political and economic situation that the country is experiencing.

Amb, Kemayah named the holding of a National Economic Dialogue with the aim to encourage all Liberians to advance ideas in devising and supporting new measures, which could successfully address the inherited structural defects and imbalances in the economy; and the reduction of salaries of officials and harmonization of salaries of civil servants as major initiatives.

The salary reduction and harmonization, according to Amb. Kemayah, is in response to a call by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the Liberian government to reduce its annual wage bill to US$297 million, and reaffirmed the commitment of President Weah, and the government of Liberia to the country’s enrollment into the IMF program.

Amb. Kemayah said President Weah, far ahead of the IMF request, announced a 25 percent cut in his salary; an exemplary leadership that is being emulated.

He said that in the coming months, the administration of President Weah intends to place particular emphasis on agriculture, education and health sectors; and is looking to forge close collaboration with all relevant agencies of the United Nations in accelerating growth and development in Liberia.

He then used the occasion to recall with gratitude the Joint United Nations visit to the Mano River Union region; noting that cooperation in the region has intensified. He said more is required to strengthen engagements on the sustenance of peace, security and democracy, while endeavoring to address or curb illegal cross-border activities, growing piracy, trafficking in persons and drugs, and climate change.

Kemayah described the visit to Liberia, as expressed solidarity and a renewed assurance by the international community and partners that Liberia remains a priority; an action that is very much appreciated by President Weah.


  1. Well, it is urgent need to support weah and his guys, not Liberia. Stop fooling the UN or international community. Even if there is a need to do so. This time around, it will be good if weah can give up some sovereignty of Liberia to the UN or international community to directly support without his officials nor the money eating legislature involvement.

    If major ministries, entity, educational institutions and staffs executives can be pay and supervised directly by the funders, or projects can be govern by the world bank or funding entity staffs employing qualify Liberians, or Liberians to undergo training and perform later of be replaced; if weah can forgo unnecessary trips outside to save money to pay others; and many more. These can help Liberia get support, get on the path for the next 10-20yrs.

    This is where people will be qualify for post and not place there because of party lines, those working in government with no job description will be replaced, remove or held accountable to make reports, the legislative cut from investors will not go to the hands of law makers but in the government account and that account will be monitor my the IMF with Liberia finance Minister signing financial integrity contract; and that the president will not have authority to take or use the UN or international community money without giving report or fund misuse with a 90days refund plan or govt face sanction from all financial external assistance.

    If even you the UN ambassador can guarantee and sign the safety of the money to be given to be use correctly and reports be made yearly or face been remove from around the world.

    Than I can promise, you will have all the support needed and Liberia will be going to the next level like the rest of the world. But I know these very impossible to do and so-called Liberia right advocacy will come in place.

    So just keep quiet and collect your own Mr. Ambassador. No one will want to invest without benefiting or just to make another man richer instead of giving to the poor. I am very sure your words are falling in dead ears or no one listen to you. Everyone can see what your boss is doing. At least you made record by representing Liberia to the UN, thank you

    Even the protest in Dec, why do you think the UN and others have not step in yet like the last time? Because there are proves that you guys are not doing well resulting in the suffering of the Liberian people and protest everywhere today in Liberia.

  2. Your Excellency know that Liberia has been helped ever since the onset of the war till present.
    It is rather your administration that is an impediment to the help being channeled to the Liberian people.
    Beg your unschooled cabinet to leave the Liberian people resources alone.

    Let’s take a stock of your achievements thus far:

    Year 1: Weah’s 4 houses transformed into 4 presidential mansions with great features.

    Year 2: Clandestine printing of new banknotes to favor illicit enrichment, failure to pay civil servants’ salaries, appointments of unqualified individuals and liars to head prestigious institutions in Liberia.

    Year 3: Maybe the killing of innocent Liberians.
    Beware, we are impatiently waiting for your AWOL American army personnel and rebel general to shoot at the Liberian people.


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