Unity Party Fights Back


The ruling Unity Party has lashed out at opposition politicians for the manner in which they have greeted President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Annual Address and other prevailing situations in the country.

Several political leaders recently criticized the President’s address, particularly on job creation and infrastructure development. With some using what the UP termed as “profound utterances” against the Head of State. 

These actions angered the ruling party, forcing a harsh reaction from them Monday, February 17 in Monrovia.

At a news conference at the party’s offices in Congo Town, UP secretary general Wilmot Paye frowned on the “indecent utterances” directed at their political leader.

While exercising the constitutional right to speak out, Mr. Paye indicated, “It is important to note that each political party leader has a moral obligation to show some decency in our deportment, as the utterances we make today have a profound effect on our nation.”

The party was quick to point a finger at the Movement for Progressive Change’s (MPC) Simeon Freeman and Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine of the Liberty Party (LP) for drawing the presidency into unnecessary provocation and local politics.

The UP described the two individuals as “a newcomer and an old hand who once brought shame and disgrace to Liberia and now masquerading as political leaders insulting those they cannot compete against politically.”

“Mr. Freeman’s criticism of this year’s State of the Nation Address was plastered with inappropriate expressions and misunderstanding of what the address was intended to achieve. Meanwhile Cllr. Brumskine, while addressing a group of citizens in Grand Bassa County recently, not only used inappropriate expressions but also made utterances that amount to campaigning. This is an issue of serious concern that we cannot gloss over. The expression “….gives me a senator to work with….” and the direct call on the citizens of the county to reject the incumbent senator ignores the calendar of events released by the elections commission. That calendar sets the campaign period from August 12, 2014 to October 12, 2014,” the Unity Party secretary general declared.

Meanwhile, the Unity Party expressed concern over the level of insincerity from non-UP elements that has crept up amid the supposed magnanimity (fairness) the party claimed to have shown to those in opposition.

The UP said conciliatory gestures towards opposition members in government have not been reciprocated with loyalty, dedication and commitment to genuine service. Instead, some of those reached through this strategy are projecting their own selfish political agendas at the expense of the roles required of them.

 “We cannot allow this moment to pass without a word for those who have been pretending to be part of us, yet, have refused to adapt to our values. As a political organization, we cannot pretend that we do not have elements within our rank and file that are pursuing agendas that totally contradict our purpose and objectives. We have watched and waited and given these elements ample time to reflect and be baptized into our philosophy and ideals but to no avail. We have had enough of this sheer hypocrisy and will now proceed to expose them.”

The party failed to name those it believes are involved but announced that at the next national executive meet, the secretariat will submit a list of individuals the party believes have been operating undercover and action will be taken to address the situation. 


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