‘Underrepresentation Stalling Progress in Gr. Cape Mt. County’


A Grand Cape Mountainian son from Weada, Laar Clan, has said that it is a shame for Grand Cape Mount County, one of the five oldest counties in Liberia, to remain backward and underdeveloped while the other four counties are “progressing.”

Mr. Jesse Zinnah Segbosaid the county’s backwardness is because of underrepresentation of the county in the National Legislature.

Comparably, he said the growth and development inSinoe, Grand Bassa, Maryland and Montserrado Counties are better than Grand Cape Mount County.

Historically, Montserrado and Grand Bassa Counties were created as  counties in 1839;  followed by Sinoe and Grand Cape Mount Counties in 1843 and 1844 respectively and Maryland, in 1857.

According to him, because of this “underdevelopment,” he has decided to become a senatorial aspirant for the coming Special Senatorial Election in which his representation in the Senate would help bring development to the county.

Mr. Segbo declared his intension over the weekend after receiving a petition from the Friends of Jesse Association (FOJA) in a crowded rally held at Tahn Headquarters, Mana Clan, Gola Konneh District in Grand Cape Mount County.

Mr. Segbo, a Master’s Degree holder in Public Administration with concentration in Public Policy urged citizens of the county to have someone put Grand Cape Mount on par with other counties in term of improved physical infrastructure, robust agriculture economy, amongst others in the county.

According to the statement of petition on behalf of the people of GolaKonneh District, Laar, Mana and Darblo Clans, read by Jeffer Varney, Segbo was selected “after keen observation from past and present leaders, especially regarding the mismanagement of the county natural resources and the poor living conditions of the people.”

“Whereas we are cognizant of the fact that GolaKonneh lacks basic services and the necessary infrastructure that provide for a better quality of life, our efforts here are aimed at highlighting areas that have long since been neglected, are in total disrepair and it becomes imperative at this juncture,” the petition said.

It added: “As you may or may not be aware, these districts are rich in mineral deposits and other natural resources such as gold, diamond, iron ore etc., but our people have yet to benefit from these resources in any significant way and continue to suffer as a direct result of poor management and governance of these resources.”

Paramount Chief William Boakai amongst others speakers, pledged their support to Mr. Segbo but urged him to serious.

The former boss of the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA), Albert Bropleh, who resides in Grand Cape Mount County, too, joined the Cape Mount citizens and urged them to Segbo as the “best person.”


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