Transferred Aggression?


Credible information gathered by the Daily Observer reveals that the Liberian Senate has resolved to “reject” all presidential nominees based on “political differences with President Johnson Sirleaf.”

According to sources, the first batch of nominees who have been processed through confirmation hearings and committees’ report ready for plenary, have been denied.

Rejected nominees include, but are not limited to, George Werner, Health Minister-designate; Education Minister Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell; Public Works Minister William Gyude Moore; Director General, Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), Ledgerhood Rennie; Deputy Transport Minister for Administration and Insurance, Bushuben M. Keita; and Teeko Yorlay, Assistant Minister for Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Immediately after yesterday’s hearings affecting LBS, Transport and Education Ministries respectively, our sources said a consensus was built to reject those nominees in the committees’ report to plenary.

“The President has lost majority in the Senate and because of her son Robert in politics, she (Madam Sirleaf) does not talk to most senators any longer.

“Nobody at the moment can lobby on behalf of those nominees, not even Senator Isaac Nyenabo who is most often involved with speaking and lobbying for executive appointees in the Senate,” our sources indicated.

It was also confirmed that Senator Nyenabo has been warned to “remain quiet during this period, or else the Senate will be constrained to reject his (Nyenabo’s) nomination as Liberia’s Ambassador designate to the European Union (EU).”

With said information, Nyenabo, who is most often seen in many public hearings did not participate in few hearings since the names of nominees were submitted to the Senate by President Sirleaf.

Many senators disagreed with the presence of Madam Sirleaf’s “beloved son Robert” in the Senatorial race and believe that the First Family’s quest to give him an elected position undermines the President’s legislative agenda.  As such, in order to register their disapproval, presidential nominees will be rejected,” our sources hinted.

Reports from respective committees are expected to be officially transmitted to full plenary of the Senate on Thursday, November 27.

According to sources, confirmations for these positions is a “mere formality” as reports from the committees will all speak the same language, “confirmation denied.”

Meanwhile, confirmation hearing for the Public Works Minister-designate was abruptly abandoned by Senator Oscar Cooper despite the earlier than expected appearance of the nominee.

The Senate does not have a long standing record of rejecting nominees, and for said reason, legislative analysts believed that once the President re-nominates these officials, the future is clear for approval by the Senate.


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