Tough Presidential Actions Begin


With the much anticipated major reshuffle or sacking of officials of the Sirleaf-led administration looms over the horizon, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has begun to be rigid with her lieutenants, some of whom she says are transgressing against the public trust with unwholesome acts.

Some of these transgressions have to do with financial malpractices.

These reasons and many more have led to the Liberian President taking stringent actions against her officials; one official has been dismissed and another three suspended over the weekend.

According to the Executive Mansion, President Sirleaf over the weekend dismissed the Deputy Director-General for Administration of the General Services Agency (GSA), Mr. Galakpai Kortimai. Mr. Kortimai is also a former superintendent of Lofa County. 

Though information was not provided as to why the former GSA deputy boss was sacked, the Liberian leader noted that his dismissal takes immediate effect.

Mr. Kortimai, following his dismissal, has joined the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC). In a statement, he expressed the belief that the CDC is for grass rooters, and it is such a party of which he, as a grass roots citizen, needs to be a member.

Kortimai, from the onset had been a strong member of the ruling Unity Party (UP), and he served as chairman of Lofa County chapter. 

This role Mr. Kortima played in the Unity Party catapulted him to the Superintendent position of Lofa and then Deputy-General for Administration at the General Services Agency (GSA).

President Sirleaf has also suspended Una Kumba Thompson, Deputy Minister for Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, William G. Greaves, Jr. Consul-General, Consulate of the Republic of Liberia in New York, and James G. Quiqui, Comptroller of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These three officials, according to President Sirleaf, are suspended on reports of their involvement in financial impropriety. They will be turned over to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) for further investigation. Their suspensions take immediate effect and remain enforce until they exonerate themselves through the pending investigations.

It can be recalled that reports recently surfaced while President was away that upon her return, heads were going to roll, implying that a few of her senior officials would be sacked.

This latest action on the art of the Liberian leader seems to be the beginning. It was rumored that four senior government officials are to lose their jobs, but the reality is yet to unfold as the public anxiously waits.


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