Theodore Momo Resigns from Unity Party

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Gbarpolu County Senator Theodore J.S.B. Momo, Jr. has taken his exit from the ruling Unity Party following a controversial primary.

Senator Momo himself has not officially spoken to this newspaper about his resignation; however, his supporters had earlier declared that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was prevailing upon members of the party to endorse Representative Gertrude Lamin to contest the  Gbarpolu senatorial seat instead of incumbent Senator Momo.

On the basis of this, sources close to the Unity Party's Gbarpolu chapter told this newspaper that the President was consulting with Senator Momo to consider the female candidate’s interest; which our sources said would cause Momo to withdraw from the primary process through protest.

An office staff of Senator Momo, Sam K. Zinnah, said the incumbent Senator resigned from the party because of manipulations he (Momo) observed in the primary in Gbarpolu last Saturday, June 28.

Zinnah said the manipulation was a complete slap in the face of Democracy, and as such, Senator Momo could not accept being in the party any longer.

It is not clear whether or not the outgoing Gbarpolu senator is heading to another party. Mr. Zinnah said in a text exchange that consultations with supporters are on-going across the county, and they are optimistic that Senator Momo would be reelected.

According to him, President Sirleaf had asked Momo to step aside and give way to sitting Representative Gertrude Lamin to contest the post.

Gender and Development Minister, Julia Duncan Cassell,  who presided over the primary in Gbarpolu, could not disclose the results, but said they would be released by the Secretary General of the Unity Party.


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