Sherman’s Collapse Eclipses Boakai’s Endorsement


The well publicized endorsement of the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai by a majority of Senators at the Capitol nearly turned tragic yesterday as Grand Cape Mount County Senator Varney Sherman fainted in the Rotunda of the Legislature just minutes before the commencement of the highly anticipated political event.

The Senator, after his collapse in his chair, was immediately rushed to the JFK Medical Center. Minister of Health, Dr. Bernice Dahn, was present at the Capitol Building when the incident occurred.

No immediate medical reason was given for the unfortunate incident, but Senator Sherman was attired in a large traditional country cloth gown, with a hat to match.

However, in a brief comment, the Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA), Madam Mary Broh, informed the gathering that she had visited the Senator at the hospital, and that there were signs that he will pull through.

However, some witnesses attributed the unfortunate situation to the uncomfortable state of the Rotunda, as there was reportedly only one working air-conditioner in the room, and that the heat was reportedly too much.

“From the look of things, I think the Senator collapsed because of heat. The Rotunda was overcrowded with too many people and only one air-conditioner was operating in the building,” an eyewitness said.

Many have also claimed that the ongoing Sable Mining criminal case involving the Senator at the Criminal Court-C at the Temple of Justice is taking a toll on him, due to stress.

The physical appearance of the 64-year old, who is also former chairman of the ruling Unity Party, is a cause for concern, said a bystander.

A security officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, explained that the incident caused a lot of distraction.

“If not because of us, by this time we would be talking a different thing. Even to rush him to his car to head to the hospital was not an easy thing. The crowd was huge,” he said.

Although this has not been confirmed, eyewitnesses reported that individuals who were able so capture photos of the Senator’s fall say they were forced by security personnel to delete the pictures.


  1. It is very unfortunate to learn of Senator Sherman’s fainting spell. Heat exhaustion is a probable cause when there are too many people in an overcrowded building with only one functioning air condition on a hot day. I wish him a speedy recovery.

    However, it is a national disgrace to know that in this modern day, our Capitol Building that houses overpaid members of the house and senate has only one functioning air condition in the rotunda. Liberia can do better!!!!

    • In a crowded space with hundreds of people and one person faints for any unknown cause, and the GOL is responsible too? While ventilation may be a factor in this case, can you, Mr. Alpha Conneh, apprise the rest of us of Senator Sherman’s health status prior to this event, since you present as an expert on such things? How about any number of other factors bordering on the personal indulgence of the senator that may have exacerbated this emergency? The sorry state of the healthcare system in Liberia with unfortunate consequences for citizens is certainly no secret , but my God! not everything can be and should be attributed to this dilemma in Liberia. After all, people do faint in America and other western countries too under similar conditions even in open environments, with the attending amenities or lack thereof being the big difference. As I see it, measured criticisms of government vis-a-vis anti-people policies, mal-administration, corrupt practices or proclivities with the intent to correct or remedy those situations may do us more good as a collective in lieu of trifling pedantic self-serving trolls. Agree? …Carpe diem!

  2. If my memory serves me right, the senator’s lawyers had asked the first trial judge for him to seek medical attention abroad. But since the case is “politically – motivated”, coming directly from a president allegedly with heavy sway over the Supreme Court, probably, her approval is required.

    But awaiting “approval” from our Iron Lady for her newest archenemy to get treatment abroad would be like “Waiting for Godot”(waiting for God), the title of a play by famed Irish playwright Samuel Beckett. Because, according to a FPA story, the incoming Judge Kabba is rendering his verdict in October, pronto.

    Of course, that month is very significant. Coincidence, or calculation – that’s the question. Anyone, though, in Sherman’s shoes after Supreme Court Justice Banks kicked Judge Gbeissay off the case would remember the 2014 Cape Mount County Senatorial election dabacle, and say, ” Oh, Father, not again”!

    • No surprises at all over this other vitriol coming from a sworn card-carrying rock thrower at this government every chance he gets. But thank God, Senator Sherman fainted in the public glare this time. Otherwise, and no telling how Mr. Sylvester Moses would have bombarded these social spaces with one of those patented conspiratorial speculations on how “Ellen tried too kill Varney Sherman” again. In this other sinister conjecture for example, it skips Mr. Moses’ and predictably due to some septuagenarian effect that the courts in Liberia have postponed or granted abeyance in order to allow litigants to seek medical care sometime even outside the country. Edwin Snowe, one of the litigants in the very referenced Global Witness case comes to mind as a recent beneficiary in that regard. Did I mention chairman Korkoyah? Hence, even the gods get tired of these knaveries at times. Lord, hear our prayers. …Carpe diem!

  3. Was the taking of picture more important than trying to help him? What manner of people are we? God help us!

  4. Do Liberian remembered how Mr. Sherman treated our fathers when Bong Mines was closed?.Now the Sable Mines saga.All these has effects on the human mind.

    • Are you wishing evil on this man, due to something that transpire in the past at Bong Mines? why wait for the man to get ill to bring this up?

  5. Ppl here are missing the point. Corrupt Sherman’s fall and subsequent carrying like a common criminal, although unfortunate, are largely due to the self-seeking decisions these wicked officials have made over the years. JFK is “adequate”! Let corrupt Sherman be treated there – no overseas medical leave. I pray all these pot belly criminals be treated in that death trap as well.

  6. Fainted, my foot! That whole thing was a stunt. Ehn your know Varney Sherman is the one at the centre of this whole “SABLEGATE” thing? He’s looking for way to be declared unfit to stand trial on health grounds. You lie, Varney. You will have your day in court.

    And on another note, I think if the senators wanted to pledge their support to VP Boakai, they should have done so elsewhere, not a government facility. They (senators) go to the Capitol to do the people’s business, not to declare support for a political candidate. I see that as a form of political corruption.

    • Momolu, Thank you. it seems our senators do not have any idea of their job or as servants of the Liberian people. Why should they declare their support for ANY candidate in OUR Capitol building? And to have the Health Minister walking alongside the people carrying Sherman is a total disgrace. Do we not have one single ambulance or gurnery to wheel the man. My God!

  7. Yallah Dempster at no time was it implied that Ellen killed, or intended to kill Sherman. I simply mentioned his medical treatment, and the difficulty of getting the court’s approval. And in a country with substandard healthcare capacity such request by an accused not a flight risk isn’t unrealistic.

    But for hired goons of a thuggish kleptocracy – a la Mafia – passing for democracy, anyone who would dare hint at the truth ought to be mercilessly flayed. Fortunately, you lack the subtlety to conceal the fact that your monthly stipend comes from the government, no wonder all your comments lack objectivity, and, therefore, credibility.

    Ironically, you were one of the so – called pro – democracy firebrands claiming to hold other administrations accountable for the same inequities Ellen has quadrupled from 2006 to 2017. Do the blatant double standards don’t make you cringe in shame? (Money be man, wow!)

    • Don’t tell me, or us for that matter, that you too, have a reading comprehension problem. Where in the post you responded to did I mention that you said Ellen intended to kill Sherman? Here is what I wrote: “…But thank God, Senator Sherman fainted in the public glare this time. Otherwise, and no telling how Mr. Sylvester Moses would have bombarded these social spaces with one of those patented conspiratorial speculations on how “Ellen tried too kill Varney Sherman” again. I suspect that septuagenarian effect again. Better discuss this with your doctor (gerontologist or pathologist?) next time. …Carpe diem!

      • Yallah, you just surprised me to an unhealthy level that’s beyond me.

        All these years you have been one of few we the young folks look up to for intellectual refuge where you inscribed on sites like The Prospective, Frontpage when you talked about the integrity of governance and within a year you just fizzled because the President Liberian appointed your wife to a government position?
        Shocked –

  8. To not forget, Dempster Yallah, unlike you, Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses can be lying in the gutter like all imperfect souls on earth, yet his eyes are transfixed on the sky looking for Godot in the heavens. That’s the difference between both of you.

    For instance, in the early 1980’s, when supposedly sick Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, suspected of covert anti – government activities, wanted to travel abroad, and it became an issue at a joint security principals’ meeting, Sylvester Moses insisted that a citizen shouldn’t be denied freedom of movement. Some of his colleagues then are still alive, and can contradict the statement if its false.

    Moreover, when street protests by ladies for Ellen, around the same time, were arrested, and Mrs. Clavenda Bright – Parker, (childhood friend of Ellen) went to intercede on behalf of them through Minister of State Bernard Blamoh, he was called to the Executive Mansion to look into the matter. And along with Clavender, they were taken to his office, and released immediately, because he believed it was bull harassing old ladies.

    Dempster, perhaps, for you Liberia probably is a joke. But for him, it is that land his Kin have been dying for from the earliest beginning of the Republic .So, he knows that fair play, justice, and equality of opportunities will make all Liberians happier, more united, and the country a safer, and better place. That’s what “Congua” Dr. Bennie Warner, and his “Country” parents thought too, thus his coming home.

    • Claptrap! Not worth the dignity of a response. As an afterthought since I, or perhaps any others here cannot verify any of the fictional escapades you paint of yourself here, can you tell this audience in that same braggadocio fashion what supportive role you played when I and my colleagues were arrested as authors of “REACT,” with you as one of our tormentors in the name of “interrogation” at the defense ministry on the night of December 4, 1984? That should tally with your other heroics, which unfortunately no one here can ascertain. Quite characteristic of a Liar! Much obliged, assuming compliance, that is. a..a.Carpe diem!

  9. Dempster, just zip the razzmatazz! One would’ve thought that enough indications were given here for a genius like you to flesh out the truth. If I didn’t choose law enforcement, you would have been one of my students: Needless to say a better student than you turned out to be!

    • Here you are given then opportunity to expand on your bragging right, and you fizzle? Such a let-down! And my imagined days being your “student” are long gone. Interpreting “student” as possibly your “prisoner” that is, and reminiscent of your days as the NSA Gestapo. Not by sight papaya. I could be any other estimation to you old man, but not one of your so-called students and no matter the stipend as incentive. And you don’t want to know why. As a hint all my philosophical teachers or role models are people of strong moral principles, rectitude, integrity, conscience, etc. Whereas your record from your last work station in Liberia leaves much wanting in that regard. And I feel very offended by such sarcasm, just in case you thought it would be funny. Not funny at all! …Carpe diem!

  10. Yallah, go talk to your godpa, former Interim President Dr. Sawyer, to learn how as deputy national security advisor, and later national security advisor he helped greately in the decapitation of “Operation Octopus”, hence forcing NPFL to the ballot box. So don’t talk about “last work stationin in Liberia”: All said than done, pinkin, you can’t measure hand with him, yah.

  11. Forming an opinion in the absence of information is ignorance and when we proceed to demonstrate our ignorance on a platform (the internet) is stupidity. On the other hand, when lying is in our DNA or the “price is right” some of us lying is in our DNA, we will do anything once the “price is right” or to admire our visibility. Like we say in Liberia, “daybreak mouth open”. No one is perfect but God created some damn kind and good hearted people.
    Anyone who is not informed about the Bong Mines workers’ case should ask the workers leadership. Varney Sherman won their case and give them every cent including his legal fees which he refused to take after repeated appeals. During the ebola, Cllr Sherman donated an ambulance to the people of Cape Mount not to mention his countless contributions to individuals and the county in the areas of education, health and social development. In the Sable Mining Case, we know the intent.
    Varney is not a perfect person but a good man with a good heart. We are praying for his recover. Who are you to badmouth him. Oh I forgot it is part of your DNA.

  12. Mr.. Koffa, Zuo.. you all have a platform to “talk and talk”……..but no desire to remedy any situation.
    Within a one mile radius in the heart of the city (Capital hill), no ambulance, no first (emergency) response team. We thank those who assisted in getting Varney Sherman to the hospital timely.

  13. When public officials are not transparent about their health status as the case is in France’s Hollande admitting that he had prostrate cancer and declining to run for reelection

    or Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s collapse just like Varney Sherman recently is indicative of politicians unwilling to put in place succession plans while the focus on their health recovery or management in retirement from politics.

    Front page Africa also indicated the disgraceful nature of the Senate which allocates budgets nationally lacking a functional ambulance all suggests a visionless regime which focuses on lining pockets instead of building public infrastructure like healthcare ambulance which they will certainly be in need of some day soon.

    The conflict of interest issues surrounding the Code of Conduct in Liberia promulgated by the very Senate which makes notes of public buildings not being used for political rallies is contradiction each senator will have to resolve when reelection comes up for each of them….including Joseph Boikai.


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