River Gee Citizens Gang to Oppose Conmany Wesseh’s Senatorial Bid


A vocal group from River Gee County, named and styled  “Citizens United to Oppose the Election of Ambassador Commany B. Wesseh  as Senator of River Gee,” has promised to campaign vigorously in and out of the county  to ensure that the Ambassador does not represent his county in the Senate.

The group said that following numerous consultations, engagements with and amongst the citizens of River Gee at home, Monrovia and abroad, they have resolved to organize themselves and make sure that Amb. Wesseh’s bid is defeated.

The spokesperson of the group, George T. Forpoh, a Liberian academic, accused Amb. Wesseh of having “succeeded in undermining every good development initiative that is not his making. He has also opposed the appointment of any County Superintendent and Gender Coordinator that is not his choice.”

Fropoh disclosed that for the past eight years, River Gee has been the only county in Liberia that does not have anyone with key responsibility in Pres. Sirleaf’s Government.

 “He has blocked qualified sons and daughters of the county from Presidential appointments.”

“Prove us wrong and give us at least few names of Assistant Ministers, Deputy Ministers, or Ministers proper, a place in Foreign Service, or any Commissioner on any of the Commissions. Look in the public corporations and name us any son or daughter from River Gee. We are ready to provide a list of qualified, competent and experienced persons suffering due to Ambassador Wesseh’s evil plan.”

The group has challenged Ambassador Wesseh to provide any three tangible things that he has achieved for his village, town, clan district and county at large during his decade of service in the office of the President.

“Because of Amb. Wesseh’s anti-people campaign,” Mr. Forpoh said, “the citizens have resolved to rally, galvanize, strategize and work collectively and individually during this campaign period to use every ounce of our energy to oppose the election of the Ambassador Wesseh.”

Mr. George Tee Forpoh is a fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, pursuing a PhD in Political Science with emphasis on the political economy of the Mano River basin.

According to him, Amb. Wesseh is now telling some citizens that Pres. Sirleaf has confided in him that until the people of River Gee can have him elected as senator, the President will not appoint any one of their children in government.

The spokesman explained that the group’s attention is drawn to the Presidency’s continued denial of the constitutional entitlement of the people of River Gee to serve in Cabinet and other positions of government.  

“This is designed to sustain the ambassador’s desire to be seen as the kingmaker of the county,” Forpoh added.

The group leader stressed that they will move through the county, through every village, town, clan, chiefdom and district to engage the electorates to vote right by not voting Amb. Wesseh.

“We are calling on all the people to remember the common opposition, Ambassador Wesseh, and vehemently oppose him with all sweat and blood to give him a red card on the political landscape of Mother River Gee.”

When contacted by the Daily Observer for his reaction to the River Gee Group’s statement, Ambassador Commany Wesseh said he had called on the spokesperson of the group, George Tee Forpoh to go back to school.

Ambassador Wesseh: “I know the Daily Observer is credible; and if the information is worth publication, you can go ahead. What they have said, you know and I know that I cannot be a cabinet minister and be appointing people in government.”

But Ambassador Wesseh did not comment on the issues of development in his village, town, district or the county in general, nor did he state his contributions to the county when asked.


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