PUL Vindicates Ambassador Doré


About his alleged involvement in a diamond deal as reported in a one of the local dailies in Monrovia recently, the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has vindicated (not blame) the Guinean Ambassador, El Hadji Abdoulaye Doré.

Henceforth, the PUL has held the Reporter Newspaper  in violation of media ethics, and has therefore, taken offense with the paper for “failing to retract the April 14 article in which it made difficult and unconfirmed allegations against the Guinean Ambassador.”

The Guinean envoy now serves as the dean (long serving) of the diplomatic corps in the country.

Following the publication, Ambassador Doré, launched a formal complaint against the paper for the spreading “false information” about him to the PUL. But during a recent hearing, the PUL ruled that the issues reported in article in the April 14 edition of the paper did not present verified facts, cited faceless sources, did not get the side of the Guinean envoy, and effectively brought the reputation of Ambassador Doré into disrepute—all in violation of various sections of the PUL code of ethics and conduct.

The PUL is also said to be offended by the fact that in spite of the ruling, the newspaper is yet to come out with the clarification or retract the story, as was agreed by the paper during the hearing.

The PUL notes that media institutions would be putting themselves and their journalists at greater risks of frivolous lawsuits not only by reporting unverified stories, but refusing to abide by the result of peer reviews.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Doré has described the journalism profession as one of education, which before making a publication, should do a good analysis and appropriate inquiries.

“As others were saying, spoken words fly away, but written words remain. Some of our colleagues—journalists have the tendencies of playing with their pen by turning them into objects of intimidation with the intention to corrupt the society.”


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