President Weah Begins Process to Constitute LEITI’s Board

President Weah addresses a recent commissioning ceremony in Monrovia.

President George Weah has begun the process of constituting Liberia Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (LEITI) Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG), 13-days after its suspension from the mother organization, Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI), an Executive Mansion release has said.

The suspension came as a result after LEITI fail to publish the EITI report for the fiscal period ending June 2016 within the July 1, 2018 deadline.

The decision, according to EITI, followed a request by the Liberian government to extend the reporting deadline; set by the EITI Standard, which they say did not meet the criteria for granting an extension.

The move by President Weah, according to political observers, is to ensure that LEITI’s reputation and position as an independent institution that promote the open, and accountable management of extractive resources are restored.

According to the release, President Weah has asked 16 organizations from among civil society, concessionaires and development partners to nominate representatives in the formation of the MSG.

Those institutions include civil society organizations such as Publish What You Pay, Liberia Labor Congress, National Civil Society Network of Liberia, Press Union of Liberia, and Liberia Gold and Diamond Association.

Others others are concessionaires, such as Golden Veroleum Liberia, Western Cluster Liberia, ArcelorMittal Liberia, Liberia Timber Association and Firestone Liberia.

The rest are bilateral and development partners, United Nations Development Program, German Technical Cooperation (Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit), African Development Bank, European Union, World Bank and United States Embassy near Monrovia.

“The fact that Liberia has missed its deadline for reporting on a 2015/2016 fiscal period, which ended in June 2016, cannot be attributed to a seven months old government,” the government said in a statement recently right after the suspension.

“As a government, we like to emphatically state for the record that under President Weah, we are committed to the ideals, and core values of the EITI, and will do everything to ensure compliance for reinstatement,” the government’s statement said.

​​However, EITI’s international Board has announced that it will lift the suspension once Liberia’s outstanding Report is endorsed by the MSG and published within six months of the deadline.

The EITI Board said the extension requests had not been endorsed by Liberia’s MSG as the group has not been reconstituted since the end of its term in October, 2017.

The Board has, however, called on the government to reconstitute the MSG and revitalize the implementation of the EITI in partnership with industries and civil society organizations.



  1. Mr. President, you’re being reactive instead of proactive. You should be focusing on the job instead of playing football. There are lots of challenges facing the country and you spend some of your time playing football? You guys should be working 18 hours day to get the economy in shape.

  2. Remember this administration has 5+ years to deal with the platform extended to the Liberian people for implementation. In as much as agreements were made to these minute industrial and civil societies, the nation is not compelled to formulate or should not interfere with the promises made by the executive, because the past administration did not balance the report on time 15-2016 or 17. In as much as the arrears LEITI is an Industrial cooperation it does not commit MSG handed and stirred by Presidential authority. The focus is more or less on 2018 where full responsibility if leveled on this executive for maintaining such agreements. Those still in Government from last administration should be blamed or make the necessary recovery now or move out and give the present administrative choice to set 2018 before reflection in industry. You can suspend Liberia from now until June’s date, you still need our resources under and above the ground. All 20 standard bearers that promised the Liberian people in the past election have to take care of their domestic obligations, before they seek international industrial power loops. We will not pay yesterday fines with today’s money while the yesterday is still holding back logs. Gone to silence. Answer the Liberian people. Not my none chat box.

  3. you scare of Nyenkan? Just move the moron. You do not need to put yes men on the Board. This will destroy LEITI. Just move Nyenkan and give him a broom. The same board was there and the report was on time. The Board is not the problem or do you want them to write the report for him?

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