President Sirleaf Makes Additional Appointments in Government


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made additional appointments in Government affecting the Ministries of State for Presidential Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Industry, Labor and Internal Affairs.
Other government parastatals include the National Commission on Higher Education, Liberia Refining Company, Central Bank of Liberia and the University of Liberia.
According to an Executive Mansion release, these appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate, where applicable. Those appointed include:
Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs
Mr. Jordan Solunteh,  Director General of the Cabinet
National Commission on Higher Education
Dr. Momo Rogers, Deputy Director General
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Elias Shoniyin, Deputy Minister of the Foreign Affairs
Mr. Thomas Kaydor, Deputy Minister for International Cooperation
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Mr. Franz Sawyer, Deputy Minister for Administration
Mr. Andrew G. Paygar, Flangiah, Sr. Deputy Minister for Small Business Administration
Mr. Pewee Reed, Assistant Minister for Bureau of Small Business Administration
Ministry of Labor
Ms. Moriah Kou Yeakula , Assistant Minister for Administration
Mr. Emmett M. Crayton ,  Assistant Minister for Trade Union
Ms. Marion N. Wreh  , Assistant Minister for Standards
Liberia Petroleum Refining Company
Mr. Edwin Sarvice, Deputy Managing Director for Operations (replacing Mr. Aaron Wheagar who  is being retired after having served the Company for more than 20 years)
Central Bank of Liberia
Mr. Milton Weeks, Member, Board of Governors (replacing Mr. David Vinton)
Ms. Melisa Emeh, Member, Board of Governors (replacing Ms. Mildred Reeves)
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Mr. Allen Kromah, Assistant Minister for Research, Development & Planning
The President has established a Tourism Exploratory Committee which will assist in the formation of a Tourism Agency which will evolve into an autonomous agency after separation from the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.
Tourism Exploratory Committee
Dr. Dawn Barnes, Chair
Ms. Barku Tubman, Member
Mr. Jacqueline Capehart ,  Member
Additionally, the President, based upon recommendation from the Chief Justice, also constituted an independent committee of experts from the civil society to start the process of nominating a member of the Independent National Human Rights Commission:
Mr. James Yarsiah, Chairman
Ms. Roseline Toweh, Co-chairperson
Mr. Roosevelt Woods , Secretary
Ms. T. Thompson Adebayor , Member
Mr. Varney Jersey, Member
Ms. Finda Salay,  Member
Attorney Jura A. Lynch , Member  
Please note that all assistant ministers’ posts at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection will continue with full compensation until the end of the fiscal year when the new changes at the Ministry will be implemented.
Mr. Rameses Kumbuyah nomination for the post of Deputy Minister for Administration has been withdrawn as he has been asked to retain his current position as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Education.  Dr. Nancy Freeman has been nominated for the post of Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
Finally, Mr. Norris Tweah has been appointed Vice President for University Relations at the University of Liberia.


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