Postpone the Elections?


Despite being consulted by the National Elections Commission and agreed upon, few opposition parties have rejected the call to hold election before January 2015.

The parties include Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), National Democratic Coalition (NDC) and Alliance for Peace and Democracy (APD).

The National Elections Commission (NEC) is under the mandate, as issued in the Joint Resolution #002/2014, to consult and determine a day for the conduct of the Special Senatorial Election.

NEC has communicated to the Legislature an agreed day of December 16, 2014, as the polling date and said request has been granted.

But addressing a news conference jointly hosted by the three parties, former Grand Kru County Senator Blamoh Nelson described the election as “totally illegal and has the propensity to undermine our peace process.”

“What laws have we to determine that this election will be credible? Under these circumstances, holding any election is a violation,” he argued.

“Suppressing any election timeline makes that particular election not credible. There are supposed to be international observers, but at this time, which country will be willing to send observers here? We will oppose these leaders that will be elected under such arrangement because they lack the legitimacy to lead,” the former Internal Affairs Minister and Senator declared.

Even though the political parties and candidates involved with the election were consulted and these stakeholders agreed at the time to the election date, yet the three parties have assumed the contrary position, creating speculation about a possible motive behind the move, a political analyst averred.

For his part, MPC political leader Simeon Freeman disagreed with the resolution that gave the Commission the mandate to run the election, noting that there should have been a national conference called to solicit stakeholders’ views on the matter before reaching a date.

Asked who has the constitutional mandate to call such gathering, Freeman defended his position by saying, “the Legislature, approved by the President can call for such forum.”

By that assertion, however, Simeon Freeman diluted his earlier argument of avoiding large gatherings of people. According to him, such forum could be held in a “controlled environment.”

Relative to those eligible to participate in the forum, the MPC standard bearer said it was “based on precedents.”

For Lecturer Alaric K. Tokpa, the incumbent Senators should be allowed to sit ninety days after their tenure shall have expired; must have oversight responsibility; but should not be allowed to make laws.

Quizzed on the legality of the extension of the incumbents, the three politicians said the national forum should be the body to make said determination.

According to them, holding this election “will cause confusion for the entire country.”

They want election suspended, even though their names or political parties’ candidates are on the ballot, adding; “suspending the election will not make the ballot to expire.”

Meanwhile, NEC has since released the timetable for the conduct of the December poll.


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