Over Ebola Donations House Summons Ngafuan, Dukuly


The House of Representatives has summoned Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan to provide them update on the number of donations coming to Liberia relative to the fight against Ebola.

Lawmakers voted Thursday, October 9, to endorse a request from Nimba County Representative Worlea-Saywah Dunah to invite the Minister of Foreign Affairs to report to the Legislature “on the flow of international assistance and goodwill to this government through his office.”

According to Capitol Hill, there is a need for the public to have full knowledge of governments, individuals, and organizations providing support to Monrovia during this national health crisis period.

Whether the goodwill is in kind or cash, lawmakers registered strong interest in wanting to know who Liberia’s friends are in these difficult situations.

Rep. Dunah, in his communication to his colleagues said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates all international cooperation between the government of Liberia and her friends, allies, partners, philanthropists and international organizations at all levels; and in the execution of that mandate the Legislature created a department of International Cooperation which coordinates these activities.

“Accordingly, it is prudent that the Minister appears along with his lieutenants and brings comprehensive updates on the flow of all donations, grants, aids, etc. that are pouring out of all corners of the world. It is very important that this august body is fully informed of these contributions for proper oversight and to be able to appreciate all who are showing such support.”

The House agreed to entertain Minister Ngafuan and others on next Thursday morning after attempts by Montserrado County Representative Henry Fanhbulleh to prevent the nation’s Chief Diplomat from appearing before full plenary failed.

Rep. Fanhbulleh heads the House’s Committee on Foreign Affairs. He had argued that the Foreign Minister is greatly occupied with national and international duties, and as such, appearing before plenary was not the proper decision. However, his attempt, along with other colleagues could not thwart the decision of majority members.

Since the 53rd National Legislature took office in 2012, this is the first time for the Foreign Minister to be summoned by Capitol Building.

Meanwhile, Internal Affairs Minister Morris Dukuly has also been summoned by the House to appear in two weeks.

Dukuly’s summon was prompted by a communication addressed to the House by Rivercess County Representative Francis Paye. According to the motion summoning Min. Dukuly, lawmakers noted that there were resources provided to the counties by central government for the fight against Ebola, “but up to date; Rivercess is yet to receive any money for such purpose.”


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