‘Oil Money Is Flowing’


Dr. Christopher Zeohn Neyor, former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), has debunked those in the oil sector, who have consistently told the Liberian people that there is no oil money flowing at the moment.

“Let no one tell you that there is no oil money flowing right now in the country. There is oil money flowing,” Mr. Neyor revealed Saturday, June 7, in Neyor Town, Johnsonville Township after being petitioned by more than 15 organizations and residents of Montserrado County. The groups, including Johnsonville Township, had petitioned him to contest for the upcoming Special Senatorial Election for Montserrado and other counties.

Accepting the request from the Township of Johnsonville, Redlight Yana Boys Association, Montserrado County University Students Association, Disable Community, Slum Dwellers Association, Youth United for Progress and Justice, Operation Mass Support (OPMASS), Montserrado County District Number 2 Youth Parliament, Christopher Neyor Scholarship Beneficiaries, Women of Tomorrow Inc., Concerned Muslims of Montserrado, among others, Mr. Neyor stated that people have always said that there is no oil money yet but I want to tell you that indeed there is oil money.

“Let me tell you some of the things I did with the oil money when I was there as CEO for NOCAL: I established a scholarship scheme at NOCAL to send at least 30 Liberian students abroad to obtain their Master’s degree.”

According to Mr. Neyor, who served as the last Managing Director of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) before the outbreak of the Liberian civil war, he had chosen 15 students from each of the 15 political subdivisions, totaling 150 students and had enrolled the rest into various universities in Liberia to obtain their first degrees, after sending the Master’s degree candidates abroad.

Dr. Neyor, who said most of Master’s candidates came back with Master’s in Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Law, etc, however, did not say whether Liberia has or does not have a commercial viable quantity of oil.

Still listing some of the things he did with the oil money he received while serving as NOCAL CEO, he started a “low-cost housing project”, which according to him, has died along with the scholarship, since his removal from the post.

“Even though, you are just asking me today to represent you in the Senate, but I want to let you know that I had long been your representative. When I was the Managing Director of LEC, I was your representative; at NOCAL, I was your representative, so you are just asking me to represent you all to another level,” Dr. Neyor, also a former president of Barolle Sports Association stated.

Dr. Neyor, who is now the president/CEO of the Morweh Energy Group, a local energy consultancy firm, among other things, stated: “I have seen millions of dollars, and I have refused to compromise my people.” This was to the delight of his supporters who shouted political battle cries and chanted slogans.

His supporters said he raised NOCAL’s reserved from US$19 million to US$31 million in just 15 months of being president.

Among politicians, who had graced the occasion to support Mr. Neyor’s senatorial bid was Nimba County Prince Y. Johnson.

Making remarks, Sen. Johnson made it clear that he was between a two-edged sword; meaning Mr. Neyor and another key contender in the race for Montserrado County’s seat are his brothers in-law. However, the Nimba Senator called on his supporters to rally behind Dr. Neyor’s quest because “Neyor is consistent. The other person is not consistent. He failed on the presidency; he came down to the vice presidency and failed again now he wants to run for senate. It shows that he is very inconsistent; we should not vote for a man like that.”

Senator Johnson told the audience that Liberia has got oil and that people like Dr. Neyor, with the expertise and knowledge were needed in the Liberian Senate to help formulate laws that would make the oil a blessing for all Liberians and not a single group of Liberians.   

All the petitioners had cited Dr. Neyor’s patriotism and commitment to his fellow citizens as among reasons why they had asked him to contest for the Montserrado seat. All of them pledged to galvanize efforts to make the oil expert win the race come October, when the National Elections Commission (NEC) conducts the special election.


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