‘Now I Understand’


Mr. Charles ‘Chucky’ Taylor, Jr., the convicted son of former President Charles Ghangay McArthur Taylor, has told Liberians, “I am sorry if I have done anything to offend anyone.  I apologize if I have at any point in time created the perception that what has been said about me is true, I apologize.”

Speaking for the first time since his incarceration in 2008 within the thick walls of the United States Penitentiary (USP) Big Sandy, located in Inez, Kentucky, Mr. Taylor Jr, who introduced himself as “Charles Taylor, Jr., otherwise known as ‘Chucky’”,  on the Al Jerome Chede TMZ’s online talkshow: “Issues in the Press Reloaded,” said, “And this interview, I wanted to use as an opportunity as well, to first clearly apologize to my mother, my father whom I would say three words to: ‘Now I understand.’ To my children, my son Charles, my daughter Jordan, my son Darren Taylor, who’s in Liberia right now; my brothers and my sisters; my fellow partisans, my comrades and fellow Liberian citizens: I am sorry if I have done anything to offend anyone.  I apologize if I have at any point in time created the perception that what has been said about me is true, I apologize.”

Mr. Taylor Jr, who said he prefers not to be called “Chucky” again, stated that by apologizing, “has been an exercise of humbleness and I am thankful to have been placed in this environment. What may surprise many is that I have transcended the suffering and I have found wisdom within it. But more importantly, it has stressed the need to be humble.  To say sorry is a sign of strength, this is not a weakness.”

Chucky, who is jailed for 97 years in that Kentucky Federal Penitentiary for only male convicts furthered: “To have compassion is a projection of strength and it is an exercise that I will continue to fully engulf myself in.  So as I say again: to my family, to my children, to my partisans, comrades and Liberian citizens, I am sorry for all that I have done or they have perceived that I have done. But it is now time for me to reclaim my name, not only for my children but for those who know me well, which are a very small number.”

Chucky, a US citizen, is being jailed for rape, torture and crimes committed by him and other acting on his orders on a ‘foreign soil,’ which is against US laws for any of its citizens to do.

However, in the 15-minute interview, he stated that he’s being “unlawfully” detained and that his conviction is “illegal.”

Chucky: “Let me be pristinely clear about the allegations that I’m making and will be making in the months to come.  I’m stating that Justice Department officials and other federal executive employees involved in the first torture case in US history, conspired to violate my civil and constitutional rights: By producing false statements in violation of 18 USC 1001 in Department of Justice Documents i.e. prosecution memorandum, case initiation report and supporting affidavits, regarding a case that they clearly lacked probable cause to initiate. I will be saying and clearly asserting, prosecutors lacked the same probable cause when they sought and procured an illegal indictment in violation of my due process rights. Due Process violation continued in my trial as the government failed to prove the jurisdictional part of the statute under 18 USC2348(b) regarding count one of the indictment, as it relates to 18 USC 2348… conspiracy to commit torture.”

Chucky and father are both serving over half century prison terms in maximum prison facilities.


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