Neyor Pulls Out of Montserrado Senatorial Race


Barely four days after sending President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf an open letter in which he accused the President of vowing to “destroy” him, Mr. Christopher Zeohn Neyor has pulled out of the senatorial race for Montserrado County.

Dr. Neyor, who is the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) did not give any concrete reasons why he had pulled out of the race, after vowing in his open letter to President Sirleaf, that despite her alleged threats, he would “remain a formidable candidate for the senate race.”

However, a close confidante to Dr. Neyor, who asked not to be named, told the Daily Observer last night that the former NOCAL CEO had decided to pull out because people started having the notion that his letter was intended to buy favor from the voters in Montserrado County.

“Because he does not want people to think that he is desperate for power…, he decided to pull out of the race,” our source said.  He even added: “Trust me, my brother, Neyor has many things to let out of the closet.”

In a statement Dr. Neyor issued Wednesday, June 18, announcing his withdrawal from the race scheduled for October 2014, he told his many supporters across Montserrado County, “Because this campaign to change the course of our country for the better is not about a position or me, I am withdrawing from the Montserrado County senatorial race effective immediately. I will spearhead a Coalition of the Conscious for a new Liberia to demand immediate change to the body politic.

“I know you will be disappointed by this decision to withdraw from a race we were going to win. Rest assured this is the beginning of us working together for the betterment of our country. There are better days ahead for Montserrado County and Liberia,” he added.

However, in his 3,845-worded open letter to the President, dated June 13, 2014, he had said to her: “I have been reliably informed of your venomous statement on more than one occasion that you will destroy me so that your son Robert A. Sirleaf can have an easy path to the Senate seat for Montserrado County and eventually to the Presidency of Liberia in the 2017 election to succeed you. Your threat to destroy me comes at a time when there are media reports of your son, Robert frantically trying to buy off all the Montserrado County’s senatorial candidates and promising cash for others to abandon their political parties to support his candidacy for Montserrado. Your threats to destroy me emanates from the fact that I have grass root support and I cannot be purchased even with Robert’s millions.”

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer on June 16, 2014, President Sirleaf had termed her former lieutenant’s allegations against her, “reflections of a troubled mind.” The President further told the Observer that she was “mystified and horrified,” by Neyor’s allegations.

She promised to prepare “a professional and detailed reply” to Dr. Neyor, the man she had chosen early in her administration to head the National Oil Company.


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