Montserrado Needs No ‘Part-time’ Senator


Benjamin Sanvee, a former youth advisor to former President Charles G. Taylor, who (Sanvee) is himself eying one of Montserrado County’s senatorial seats, has sounded off a warning to expected voters participating in the October 14, 2014 Special Senatorial Elections: vote for someone who is willing to complete his/her term, and who is willing to fight in the interest of the people.

In an interview in Monrovia Tuesday, Sanvee said that Montserrado as the most populated county needs a full time Senator, rather than someone who plans to use the Legislature as a springboard to a higher post in government.

“As the first branch of Government that needs to enact laws for the betterment of all Liberians,” Sanvee wondered, “why anyone would want to reduce the Chambers of the Senate to a class room for learners, who crave a higher post in another branch of government?”

The former youth leader said Montserrado with its large population needs the full time focus of a full time Senator, and not someone who will be Senator for less than three years; Mr. Sanvee made no pretence about whom he was referring to, naming Ambassador George Manneh Weah who, it is clear, will be a candidate in the 2017 presidential and general elections, he pointed out.

He said the election is not going to be about Mr. Weah, but about the people of the county and the issues that they care about. “It is not going to be about personalities. The task is going to be tough, but not impossible. We are in it and will fight it to the end.”

Since July 29, Sanvee said, his exploratory team has visited about 72 communities in Montserrado County. “I want to see a county whose destiny is not like the history of this country. We need to forge ahead. I understand the cynicism of people, but it can be done.”

“The country is at a point where young people are now taking action. I don’t see myself simply as the standard bearer of the young people; I see myself as someone who wants to unite them,” he said.

Sanvee disagreed with Representative Edwin Snowe’s suggestion that Amb. Weah can use the Senate to prepare himself for the presidency;  adding: “The National Legislature is the first branch of government and cannot be a learning ground, but a place where elected officials go to make an impact.”

“Sending Weah to the Senate for the purpose of learning will only increase the amount of learners in the Legislature,” he concluded.


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