Miatta Fahnbulleh Enters Senatorial Race


Ms. Miatta Fahnbulleh, a social justice advocate and Liberian musical diva, has announced her campaign to contest the upcoming Midterm Senatorial election.

Ms. Fahnbulleh is among aspirants, including Congress for Democratic Change’s (CDC’s) George Weah for the senatorial position of Montserrado County in the election scheduled for October this year.

“Having advocated and worked for social justice and democracy in Liberia for more than 40 years, Miatta now intends to bring her sensitivity, compassion and integrity to the Senate,” one of her campaigners has declared.

Aunty Miatta, as she is affectionately called, strongly believes that the market women, yanna boys, the unemployed young men and women, taxi  and bus drivers—most of whom reside in West Point, Clara Town, Vai Town, Logan Town, New Kru Town, Soniwein, and other poverty-stricken communities in Monrovia—deserve better life.

She told her supporters at a recent gathering that she intends to contest for the Senatorial seat for Montserrado County; her birth as an independent candidate.

By that conviction, she assured them that she will be going out to the people of Montserrado to offer them a choice of a caring leadership, leadership worthy of trust of the people; a new kind of leadership that will not do “business as usual.”

Currently, she serves as the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s New Born and Maternal Health Ambassador.

Ms. Fahnbulleh believes that the Senator of Montserrado County should have a profound grasp of the real needs of the people, and that access to electricity, clean drinking water, a safe and clean environment, and education are basic human rights.

As a Senator, her campaign team leader believes too, that  she would work to implement policies that will not only empower the citizens of the nation’s capital county, but that will also guarantee and protect the rights of the most vulnerable people throughout the Liberian society.

The Miatta Fahnbulleh campaign last week announced that the Liberian Musical Diva, has entered the October race as an independent candidate where she is expected to be a potential force for all the contenders in the race.

Ms. Fahnbulleh’s campaign is under the theme, “One Tree, Many Branches: One People, One Aim; One Destiny.”

Aunty Miatta is one of Liberia’s most famous citizens; a veteran of the struggle for social justice, and democracy in the nation.

For several decades, she has been actively involved in the people’s struggle for dignity and human rights. A gifted singer, Miatta has used her soul-stirring voice not only to gladden the hearts of orphans and deprived children, but has also sensitized, created awareness, and given persistent voice to issues affecting the most marginalized members of our society.

By that, the musical legendary has been a nagging voice in the ears of the powerful on behalf of the masses. Born and raised in Monrovia, Miatta Fahnbulleh is especially sensitive to the need of improving the living standard of the city’s poor slum dwellers.

For the last two decades, Ms. Fahnbulleh abandoned her international career to devote herself to providing education for the children of the poor; a process she is up to present committed to implementing to the fullest.

“Legendary artist, social justice activist, and women's and children's advocate, Miatta is a veteran of the struggle for democratic rights in Liberia,” her campaign team leader declared.

In the 1970s when a chorus of cries for social transformation and democratic participation swept the nation, hers was a rare voice advocating the rights of girls, and women.

 In the minds of her campaigners, her passion for the most deprived people in the Liberian society transcends class, gender and ethnicity.

According to them, Miatta is a patriotic Liberian with big dreams, and a solid vision of empowerment for the nation’s masses.

She is especially passionate about equal access for all the people to the benefits accrued from the nation’s resources, the rights of Liberian women and children, and giving skills to the young people for economic independence, among other things.


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