MCSSTA Wants Simeon Freeman to Apologize to Prez. Sirleaf

Mr. Freeman (pictured) is being asked to apologize to President Sirleaf.jpg

The Monrovia Consolidated School System Teachers Association, (MCSSTA) has respectfully called on the political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Mr. Simeon Freeman, to apologize to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for what they termed an “insult” to the Liberian leader.

The group said the leader of MPC has failed to recognize Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as the sitting President of Liberia by making derogatory remarks about the President.

“We are calling on the political leader of the (MPC), Simeon Freeman to kindly apologize to our President for using the media to call the Liberian leader the most irresponsible leader Liberia has ever produced and the most corrupt leader in the history of the presidency of Liberia.”

Speaking to the Daily Observer on Monday, February 10, the general secretary of the MCSSTA, Samuel M. Nyanuh, said that Simeon Freeman’s words represented gross disrespect to the presidency and to the citizens of Liberia.

Mr. Nyanuh wondered what precedent the MPC political leader was setting as a politician, describing Simeon Freeman’s statement as unfortunate and not to be taken into seriously.

According to the MCSSTA head, this is not only an insult to the President, but the entire citizenry of Liberia because it takes irresponsible people to elect an irresponsible person as leader.

Mr. Nyanuh said the political leader made an error and hopes that Simeon Freeman recognizes this and sincerely apologizes to President Sirleaf.

It may be recalled that reacting to the President’s Annual Message the MPC’s political leader, on Monday, February 3, described the Liberian leader as the most irresponsible and corrupt leader Liberia had ever produced.

Mr. Freeman said the Liberian leader made many promises to the citizens including the creation of 20,000 jobs, electricity, and other items, that he said had not materialized over the past eight years.

He called on President Sirleaf to recommit herself to the Liberian people and live by the promises she had made.


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