LRA Boss Unveils Modern Strategic Revenue Platform


The Commissioner-designate and Members of the Board of Directors-designate of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Thursday, May 22, faced the Senate Committee on Ways, Means, Finance and Budget for confirmation hearings, and unveiled 11 strategic principles they wish to apply that will increase revenues.

Commissioner-designate, Madam Elfreda Stewart Tamba and the three members of the Board of Directors headed by Cllr. Robert C. Tubman, and Messrs Charles R. Bright, Oliver N. Rogers and Mrs. Aletha Brown Cooper, in a power-point presentation noted that the LRA strategy will concentrate in the areas such as engaging in comprehensive investment in the Authority; efficient organization structure, staffing and accommodations, while streamlined collection systems and procedures are some of the strategic principles that will come into force under debut management team.

Madam Tamba informed the Sumo Kupee-led 15-member committee that another area the LRA will focus on is taxpayers’ compliance, which she said needs motivation, while at the same time launch an entrenched risk management and revenue protection program. The LRA, according to Commissioner-designate Tamba, will also expand tax base and lower compliance burden of taxpayers.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cllr Tubman, assured the Senators that he and other members of the board will ensure that every single item highlighted in the presentation is implemented to the letter, saying that as an economist with high degree of efficiency, and also a career lawyer, he will not be associated with a team that is marked for failure.

Dismissing the nominees following over two hours of grilling, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kupee thanked them of their brilliant presentations and assured them that members of the committee will make a report to the plenary, and that further decisions will be made by that body.

The Deputy Commissioner General for Operation/Technical Affairs-designated is Mrs. Dekontee King Sackie, while other members of the board include the Ministry of Finance & Ministry of Justice as Statutory members; Ministry of Commerce & Industry, and Commissioner-General of LRA all as statutory members.

Meanwhile, noticed among the staff and others in attendance at the hearing was former Standard Bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) in the November 2011 Presidential and General Elections, Cllr. Winston Tubman. He was also present when the hearing was announced postpone on Wednesday.


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