Lewis Brown Condemns Anti-Amendment Protesters

The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT), Mr. Lewis Brown, has, for the first time, condemned a group of organizations and individuals, who see the amendment of the Central Bank of Liberia Act (CBL) as a way of stopping competent citizens and unborn generations vying for the nation’s highest office.

Addressing journalists at the regular MICAT Thursday press briefing on the Capitol Hill in Monrovia, Minister Brown said it was unfortunate for people to criticize the National Legislature for enacting law, a task for which they were elected by citizens.

Min. Brown told reporters Thursday, March 6, that most of the protesters were influenced by money, adding: “They have no idea of the tasks of the lawmakers as they have termed the National Legislature as antagonist to deny the present Governor of the CBL, Dr. J. Mills Jones for the Liberian presidency.”

He explained the amended act has in no way stopped any competent Liberians from taking part in the nation’s electoral process. According to him, the Act is rather a guide to every governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, including unborn generations, who would be in charge of the nation’s treasure and want to engage in active politics.

The government’s spokesman also explained that some people claim that the Act is a violation of the right to employment. However, Minister Brown stated that the Act has not yet in any way violated anyone’s right to employment.

He lashed out at those have alleged that it is because Governor Jones has given loans to empower small Liberian business people that the lawmakers have enacted a law to target him, out of fear that he (Governor Jones) would use this as a stepping stone for the presidency.

“You do not need to tell us about the Governor’s good work he has done for the people of Liberia and the CBL; I believe that Mills Jones does not have any intention for the presidency,” Brown asserted.

According to the Information Minister, many people who claim to be educated have also failed to explain the role of the National Legislature but have reduced themselves to taking bribes. He did not elaborate.

He advised that if one of the purposes of the National Legislature (making laws) is seen as an embarrassment to Liberians, who elected them, the aspect of lawmaking should be dissolved from the Constitution.


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