Justice Minister Christiana Tah Resigns

Chris Tah delivering statement.jpg

The Attorney General and Justice Minister of Liberia, Counselor Christiana Tah, today tendered her resignation from the government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Addressing a press conference at the Justice Ministry this afternoon, Counselor Tah said she could not be a Justice Minister under a government that had no confidence in her to investigate allegations of fraud against the National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA happens to be headed by the President’s son, Fumba Sirleaf.

Minister Tah also made reference to a statement made by Information Minister Lewis Brown, made following her suspension by the Supreme Court of Liberia for six months for contempt of court. During that period, she was forbidden to practice law in Liberia.  Minister Browne described her suspension as a “classic example of judicial  independence.”  Justice Minister Tah considered that statement a betrayal of trust and confidence which her government had in her.

Delivering her resignation statement, Minister Tah was a accompanied by Police Director Chris Massaquoi; Harriette Badio, Assistant Minister of Justice for Economic Affairs; and Joyce Frankfort, Coordinator, Program Manager, Justice & Security Joint Program. Full text of Minister Tah's statement is attached below.  Full story to follow.


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