In Connection with National Budget Preparation, Capitol Hill Admits Lapses


The Chairman of the House’s Joint Committee on Public Account, Senator Edward Dagoseh, has admitted that members of the legislature have short-comings related to understanding procedures and process in formulating or drafting the national budget. They also have a problem reconciling their oversight responsibility with that of other legislative functions.

Senator Dagoseh said understanding budgetary process is very challenging to the lawmakers, given that the public finance documents are often technical and contain much information. He said it is also challenging for most members of the legislature to balance the demands of oversight with other legislative works.

The Grand Cape Mount County lawmaker made the comments Thursday, April 17, at the opening of a three-day legislative guide validation workshop at a local resort in Monrovia.

The legislative guide is to lead or direct the national legislature in the budgeting process. It is also intended to give the Legislators a concise insight into their responsibilities as related to the process.

“We want to begin by saying that the production of this guide is highly commendable, and we must commend the committee that worked on it.

Why do we say it is commendable? It is so because it is an important component of the machinery of accountability, and transparency, in a democratic government.  It is also a device that drives national development.

As we all know, there are four steps in the budgeting process: the budget preparation, appropriation and approval, execution and monitoring and reporting. You will note that the process itself is very huge and complicated; that is why I see the production of this guide as very commendable.

That is why we say this guide is very important; it will help us accelerate our oversight responsibility,” Senator Dagoseh concluded.


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