‘I Have not Resigned’

Former Justice Minister Christiana P. Tah

Justice Minister Christiana P. Tah has broken her silence over reports that she resigned her post as Minister of Justice of the Republic of Liberia and subsequently left the country.

A lot of speculation has been made in Monrovia, with some saying that Cllr. Tah, who is banned from practicing law in the Republic for six months, “fled” Liberia following her resignation.

However, Minister Tah, speaking with the Daily Observer  Tuesday, April 22, stated that she has heard all of the weird stories coming from Monrovia and that she has not resigned her post as Minister of Justice; even though she is still undergoing the suspension placed on her by Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia. The suspension ends July 2014.

Minister Tah said: “It is customary that before any minister leaves the country, that person has to get the President’s approval. I wrote the President asking her to allow me to seek medical attention in the United States. The President granted my request; so I left.”

The letter from the President’s Office, with reference, MOS-RL/EBM-COS/0257/2014 and addressed to Minister Tah states: “This acknowledges receipt of your February 25, 2014 letter to the President requesting approval to travel to the United States of America after mid-March in order to undergo procedural dental treatment.”

“The President herein approves said request, and wishes you a successful medical trip and a safe return home thereafter,” the letter concluded.

The letter was signed by Dr. Edward B. McClain, Jr., Minister of State for Presidential Affairs.

Minister Tah assured Liberians that after her medical treatment in the US — from whence she phoned in — she would return home to Liberia.

The full letter from the President’s Office addressed to Justice Minister Christiana P. Tah is published on page 5 of today’s edition.


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