House Passes 50 Laws Out of 180 Bills


House Speaker Alex Tyler has revealed that the Lower House has ratified a total of fifty (50) Laws out of the One Hundred Eight (108) bills which were introduced during the 3rd Session of the 53rd National Legislature.

Speaking Tyler said the 3rd Session began on a serious and positive note and their discussions were robust, frank, fruitful and rewarding, leading to the passage of many laws.

Closing the 3rd Session of the National Legislature,  Speaker Tyler said some of the outstanding bills which became law included the Act Against Criminal Conveyance of Land; the National Code of Conduct for all Public Officials and Employees of the Republic of Liberia; the Rural Community Radio Stations Sustainability Act of 2012; the Amendment of the Penal Law of Liberia, Chapter 14 under the title “Offenses involving Danger to the Persons;” and the Act to Amend and Restate the Pension Bill of 2014 for Government Officials, including the President, Vice President, Speaker, President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, Deputy Speaker and members of the Legislature, elected Chamber Staff of Legislature, Chief Justice and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and members of the Judiciary.

Others include the Loan Agreement between the Republic of Liberian and the African Development Fund; an Act Criminalizing Concealing Information of Persons with Communicable/Contageous and Infectious Diseases in Liberia; the Act to Amend the New  Executive Law of 1972 to Establish the Ministry of Gender and Children and Social Protection; an Act to Repeal the Fraudulent Conveyance Act,  Chapter 8 of Liberian Commercial Code, the Dollar Credit Line Agreement between the Republic of Liberia and Export-Import Bank of India, amongst others.

During the 3rd Session, Speaker Tyler said, there were 55 regular sessions, 33 executive sessions, 25 extraordinary sessions and one special session, bringing the total sessions to 114.

Commenting on the Petroleum Sector Reform, Speaker Tyler revealed that the Legislature had a successful country-wide tour, consulting with rank-and-file citizens on the Exploration and Production Law and the National Oil Company Laws.

He said the end of the first stage led to a round-table discussion in Monrovia.  He said citizens and stakeholders participation concluded the validation process.

“The Deputy Speaker who has led this process on our behalf has been mandated to make a comprehensive report of the entire process to be presented to Plenary upon their return in January 2015,” Speaker Tyler said. “Meanwhile, the leadership of the House will superintend the ongoing progress with the Deputy Speaker’s office.

The Speaker added: “Let us also express our thanks and appreciation to her Excellency, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia, for her cooperation and support. The Vice President and the Judicial Branch of Government also deserve our thanks for their cooperation during this all important journey.”


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