‘Hand-to-Mouth Jobs for Citizens’


One of Liberia’s leading political parties, Liberty Party, has described President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s job creation in the country as hand to mouth.

According to the party, the job created for Liberians through investment incentive contracts concessions were low paying jobs that add no flavors for livelihood of the people in the country.

The opposition party, through its 2014 Senatorial aspirant, Mr. Benjamin Sanvee, explained that most of the jobs created for citizens were cleaning up, security guards and drivers. He said these jobs are insecure of creating livelihood for many people and their children in the country.

The Liberty Party was officially reacting to President Sirleaf’s Annual Message, she delivered on January 27 to Members of the National Legislature.

The party further noted that most of the citizens were lacking the financial capability to be a genuine shareholder for any of the leading businesses in the country that could create future worthiness for many Liberians.

The party believes that Liberia is desperately in needs of inflows of foreign investments that have the capability of creating the wellbeing of it citizens as well as the technology in the free environment that can affect the lives of many Liberians.

The party also stated that President Sirleaf has seen many citizens as unreasonable in the country due to a fact of demanding a fair share of benefits from the most productive land that have been granted to foreign businesses through the government.

The party explained that many families in the country are in need of opportunity to grow their businesses to earn more money that could help in solving problem like sicknesses, and maintaining their finances in catering to others need.

“Liberian families making a living on “One to two market businesses do not need handouts, but need a better living conditions that could reduce poverty, adding that extreme poverty could lead to their children been drop out of school, as well as put them in long term debts.”

The party has at the same time congratulated President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for fulfilling her constitutional duties as well as the administration program to the honorable legislature on the State of the Republic.


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