‘George Weah, A Contributor to Peace’

Amb. George Manneh Weah.jpg
President-elect Weah.


Ambassador George Weah’s detractors have argued against him being an effective Peace Ambassador due to his position as a political leader of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

The first vice president of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Rev. Kortu Brown, has addressed these arguments against Ambassador Weah’s role by sounding a warning against Liberia being rebuilt while excluding others. He said exclusion of the former soccer icon— whom he described as a contributor to peace and reconciliation—would not be to Liberia’s benefit.

“We have to build an inclusive society that welcomes everyone’s ideas. If George Weah is serious about his role as a Peace Ambassador, he has to portray peaceful behavior and tendencies; a fact I believe he is not unaware of. This is the legacy of peace, we have received from the late South African President, Nelson Mandela.”

Rev. Brown frowned on what he described as “Liberians’ habitual tendency of complaining about everything.”

He explained that, “We complained about President William V.S. Tubman for staying too long in power, about William R. Tolbert for being too bookish, about Samuel Doe for his lack of education, about Charles Taylor for being a war-monger, and now complain about Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of being stingy.”

“So what we need to do as Liberians is unite to overcome our challenges and use them as opportunities to move forward, that is what Mandela did with apartheid. He saw it as an obstacle to the progress of South Africa, so he used it as an opportunity to rally South Africans of like minds to unify their nation, that is why we hail him today,” Rev. Brown declared.

 “If food shortage or scarcity is an obstacle to Liberia’s progress, we should use it as an opportunity to advance our agenda, our sense of nationhood; we have to think and behave inclusively. For peace to work in Liberia we have to be inclusive, and George Weah is a factor, if we start to exclude people against their will, then we are calling for more problems. I think that if George Weah gets in a position where he is no longer neutral or cannot play the role of Peace Ambassador, I think he would do the honorable thing.”


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