Gbarpolu Unity Partisans Champion Momo’s Reelection


Although Unity Party primary scheduled for June 28 in Gbarpolu County is being halted by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for further consultations, citizens from the county have reached and consensus and endorsed incumbent Senator Theodore J.S.B. Momo as a choice for the pending special Senatorial Election.

A declaration of endorsement copy of which is in possession of this paper states, “Our nomination of Senator J.S.B. Theodore Momo, Jr. as expressed in this declaration shall, with immediate effect, constitute our legal action, judgment and best determination.”

According to the UP partisans, the National Executive Committee of the party set guidelines on June 7, 2014 for the selection of candidates for the October senatorial election, and it (guideline) calls for a caucus nomination system in all of its fifteen chapters across Liberia.

The partisans from Gbarpolu noted in their declaration that the national executive committee members including vice standard bearer, chair/president officer, vice chairperson for governmental affairs, national secretary general, chairman of the advisory council, two representatives of the National Youth Congress, officials of the National Women Congress, Unity Party Legislative officials of the county, amongst others form part of the endorsement.

They also mentioned in their declaration of endorsement that they are under moral obligation to make correct judgment and elect a competent an “easy to sell” person as other contenders will be coming into the race with strong political force.

Among those that affixed their signatures in the declaration of endorsement are Gibson L.M. Tarniah, Public Relation Officer, Adolphus Zazay, Youth Congress Chairperson, David Mulbah, Coordinator, District #2, K. Moses Molonpolo, County Co-chairman, Fatu Nyehn, Chairlady, Women Congress, and Robert Harris, Religious Affairs Officer.

Others include Edwin Taylor, Coordinator, District #3, Borlay Kamara, Chairman for Mobilization & Recruitment, Paul M. Kimba, Secretary General, Quaye Beyan, Coordinator, District #1, Samelia Swary, County Treasurer, Legbah Molubah, Legal Affairs Officer and William M. Seh, Chairman, Unity Party Gbarpolu County Chapter.

While the partisans of the county have carried on their endorsement of sitting Senator Theodore Momo, there is also information filtering that he is not the right choice for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first partisan.

According to the information, President Sirleaf has suggested Gbarpolu County District #3 Representative, Gertrude Lamin to contest the senatorial seat on the party’s ticket in the pending election.

Members of the party in Gbarpolu are also of the concern that Gertrude Lamin had earlier neglected the party by resigning and pledging her loyalty to the Liberty Party.

According to sources, members of the county chapter no longer consider her a part of the party.  Moreover, the members are of the view that they cannot endorse Gertrude Lamin because of her alleged incompetence to serve as a lawmaker.

A source from the party told this paper that because of the preferment of Gertrude by the first partisan, the primary in Gbarpolu was halted until further consultation is held with Senator Momo to reach a consensus.

The information also notes that Senator Momo is planning to withdraw from the process through protest.

When Gender and Development Minister Julia Duncan Cassel was contacted on Sunday afternoon, she said the process was still ongoing.

She referenced to the Secretary of the Unity Party as one that could provide information on the process, but attempts made to contact Wilmot Paye for comment on the prevailing issue proved futile as he could not answer to the calls made.


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