Former Deputy Minister Sebwe Awaits Reassignment

Former Deputy Minister Sebwe_web.jpg

Former Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Dionysius Sebwe is waiting for re-assignment, according to an Executive Mansion release.

The announcement followed several appointments made by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf which was announced on February 25.

According to the press release, President Sirleaf made several appointments at LIBTELCO, LBDI, Investment Commission, INS, DEA and the Ministry of Youths and Sports.

Mr. Henry B. Yonton was appointed Deputy Minister of Sports at the Ministry of Youth and Sports replacing Mr. Dionysius Sebwe, who the government said would be re-assigned.

The appointees included Mr. Peter Z. Kamei as chairman of the board of directors at the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment and Cllr. Carlos Smith, member of the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation and Investment Board, who replaced Dr. El Mohammed Sheriff.

Minister Sebwe served as Deputy Minister, for at least one year at the Ministry of Youth and Sports and contributed immensely to several development projects, including the successful hosting of the 2012/2013 National County Meet.


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