Fabulous Pension Bill Sweeps thru Lower House


The House of Representatives has passed a ‘fabulous’ pension package for their retirement benefits.

Said decision was taken Thursday after Montserrado County Representative Edwin M. Snowe presented the draft legislation to plenary of the House.

The proposed pension package, among other things, calls for annuities of former government officials, particularly the President, Vice President, Justices of the Supreme Court and members of the Legislature, including their families.

Defending the draft legislation, Rep. Snowe convinced his colleagues that the bill is intended to recognize the work and contribution of those who provide services to the state and people.

The bill states: “50% of the salary and 25% of the president’s benefits shall be allotted to the former president. Six staffers including two drivers with two new vehicles once every three years for the remainder of his or her natural life, including annual medical checkups, and duty free privilege for all personal effects allotted to the former president.

For former vice president, the same shall apply to him/her as per the former president, but needs a staff of five persons that are to be on government salary.

Similar annuities for the Executive shall apply to former members of the Legislature. In the case of death, Snowe indicated that their spouses will receive 50 % of each category of deceased benefits for the remainder of his /her (spouse) natural life.

However the proposed law says in the event of no surviving spouse, the pension bill provided for the surviving spouse to be paid in equal portion to a minor child or each of the minor children of the deceased until the children reach the age of 18.

The draft law also states that while under the Government of Liberia pension program, no former official has the right to be in the employ of any entity.

An overwhelming vote greeted the reading of the bill with plenary instructing the  secretariat to communicate that with the Liberian Senate for concurrence. 


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