Ex-AFL General Wins NPP Primary for Nimba Senate Seat

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A former General of the Armed forces of Liberia, Gen. John G. Teah, has won the National Patriotic Party (NPP) primary to contest for the Nimba seat in the upcoming Special Senatorial Elections.

General Teah won the NPP primary on a white ballot in the presence of huge crowd that converged at the primary.

There were 18 delegates representing the nine electoral districts in Nimba including the party’s provincial leaders.

General Teah on 27th May 2014 declared his intention to contest the special senatorial election slated for October this year.

In a well-attended meeting, General Teah told Nimbaians that he stood for the cause of the county just as some did and can boast of, and therefore he should be given the chance by voting him to occupy the senatorial seat in the upcoming election.

 “As one of those who fought for the safety of Nimba, I think, I should be given the chance and I need your support to contest the senatorial seat,” Teah stated at the gathering.

He added that they all as liberators deserve the rights to represent the county and it was not incumbent upon one person.  He did not call a name of anyone in connection to the “one person” mentioned.

“Nine years is enough for a person.  So this time, we need your support to go there, too,” he added.

Making reference to late South African President and world icon Nelson Mandela, Gen. Teah, said when he (Mandela) was freed from jail and became president of South Africa, he served for a term.

He added that Mandela did not contend that he was the liberator to over stay in power.

General John G. Teah was among top generals who fought along with the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) led by convicted former Liberian President Charles Taylor.

He also served as AFL General during Taylor’s presidency and was among those who were demobilized from the AFL when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came to power in 2006.

He entered politics in 2011 and contested one of the Representative seats in Nimba, but lost to Garrison Yealue.

His coming into the senatorial race might pose a serious threat to incumbent Senator Prince Johnson, who emerged from a military background and grabbed the seat in 2005 through his military popularity.

Presently, the political field in Nimba is gradually getting crowded, with more Nimbaians including former Superintendent Edith Weh, Cllr. Yamein Quiqui Gbeisay, Dr. Joseph D. Z. Kotoe, Dr. Kardikeh Rex Dahn, and Peter Weatoe all gearing up to grab the single political seat.

The Development Superintendent Teeko Yorlay, who appears to be the young people’s favorite, is also among those who have declared their intentions for the seat.

Former General Teah like his contenders, said in his remarks before the primary that if elected, he would unite the citizens of Nimba.


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