Ellen Must Apologize to Dead Leaders


Opposition politician Simeon Freeman wants President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to openly “apologize” to past presidents of Liberia for her alleged actions that he claimed has brought the country to a poor state.

Mr. Freeman in a statement issued Monday, June 2, in Monrovia said, Madam Sirleaf has shown a high degree of insincerity in administering the affairs of Liberia, “contrary to previous statements by the President that she (Madam Sirleaf) had the capacity to transform Liberia.”

The MPC political leader intoned that an open apology from the Madam Sirleaf will help save the country from many unfortunate situations. 

“You must do the right thing. First begin by going to the grave of President William R. Tolbert. Tell him sorry for your loud talking and undermining his administration because you have done worst than he did.

Secondly, go to the grave of President Samuel K. Doe, say Sorry Sammy for sponsoring war on your government and the Liberian people.

Thirdly, go to President Charles Taylor in England. Say SORRY for bringing war on his government.

Fourthly, say a big SORRY to the women of Liberia, who believed wholeheartedly that a woman leadership would transform Liberia by believing your – Papa na come – agenda.

The fifth one, say a big SORRY to your admirers and supporters, many of whom dare to speak about you today, though they work in the government but have no belief in your capacity. You have shamed them in their communities.

Lastly, say SORRY to the people of Liberia. Your pretentious ways have caught up with you. Nine days for rogue, one day for the master. There are no more stories to be told,” Freeman declared.

The MPC political leader then encouraged the Chief Executive to “resign immediately,” noting; “We are a forgiving people. We will close the Ellen chapter of our history and list it on our history books as the greatest Ponzi-scheme in Liberia’s history and move on as a people.”

The people of Liberia have had enough of your promises and stories, he said. “While our continuous talking may appear meaningless and weak, we have had enough. You of all people, Ellen, owe Liberia so much. Your education was funded by Liberia. Your first and last jobs were provided by Liberia. The country enabled your global recognition. At our expense, your family has become so very wealthy. You proved to have practiced more nepotism and sectionalism than presidents Tolbert, Doe and Taylor combined. Your acts of corruption are beyond measure,” MPC pointed out.

 The Liberian leader recently told the nation that conditions surrounding the country’s recovery process have made Liberians to fall far behind.

“Our continued post-conflict recovery process is of such that we must continue to do everything at the same time,” she had said on Wednesday, May 28, when she addressed the nation on the state of it economy.


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