Education Tied To Job Creation

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Montserrado senatorial aspirant in the pending 2014 election, Mr. Benjamin Sanvee, has sounded an alarm declaring the improvement of the education system as a must to bolster job creation in the country.

Mr. Sanvee said, “We cannot expect the young people to get jobs when our schools system is failing them by adequately preparing them for the job market.”

According to him, the nation suffered international embarrassment a few months ago when it announced to the world that over twelve thousand high schools graduates could not pass an entrance exam to enroll at the University of Liberia.  Mr. Sanvee said the economic challenges that we face as a nation must be seen as a societal problems.

“It is prudent to invest in qualified teachers and teachers training from the early stage of learning to the very top,” Mr. Sanvee asserted.

Mr. Sanvee said, “The Legislature needs to see education as a critical challenge to national security and enact laws that would require certain qualifications of teachers,” he stated.

According to him, the African Development Bank (ADB) says the country poverty rate decreased from 64% to 56% between 2007 and 2010, yet 78% of the population remains vulnerable to poverty due to unemployment.

He added that Liberia was ranked close to the bottom in the Human Development Index (HDI). Liberia is ranked174th out of 187, declaring it an underdeveloped nation.

Mr. Sanvee stressed that our real GDP was projected to expand by 7.7% in 2013 and 5.4% in 2014, supported by further iron ore expansion and concession-related foreign directed investment (FDI).

The newly announced senatorial aspirant stressed that Liberia boast of USD $ 16billion in foreign direct investment; in spite of this, it still can’t secure jobs for the people.

He went on to highlight the youthful population in the country, stating 60% of whom are both unskilled and uneducated, “which is a major factor towards unemployment and a threat to the stability of the country,” he concluded.

Mr. Sanvee has described the need for technical and vocational training centers as a priority to the country’s recovery process. 


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