Ebola Exposes Govt.’s Incompetence


The second wave of the killer Ebola virus, in Liberia, “has shown to the world the incompetence and backwardness of our government’s health sector,” Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff has declared.

The Ebola outbreak surged in Liberia for the second time last July and has since caused the highest number of deaths in the country than in neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone which are also battling the spread of the disease.

Speaking during the launch of Montserrado County District #10 Ebola Response Task Force over the weekend, Senator Doe-Sheriff pointed out that even though the virus attack caught Liberians unaware, the country’s health sector was already completely broken down to the extent that Liberians are now dying from curable disease.

“Ebola has exposed the inefficiency of our health sector and we need to take every necessary action to address that. How effective and proactive our hospitals and health facilities should be in combating the spread of the virus ought to be of major importance. We have to exert every effort to contain the spread of the virus because Ebola has overwhelmed us,” the Montserrado County lawmaker asserted.

She maintained that the state of affairs at the moment, tells everyone that Ebola does not come in search of tribe, political parties or officials of government, and as such, the message of breaking interpersonal transmission must be forcefully communicated to families at home.

“Liberians are kind and peace loving people that embrace even our enemies. What this sickness has done to us now is that we have become self-protecting and now watch our relatives and friends die without intervening, something we’re not used to as Liberians,” she said.

Also speaking, Montserrado County Superintendent Madam Florence Brandy described the launch of a Task Force as “a cardinal and critical tool to combating the spread of the virus.”

She urged residents to stop living in a state of denial and rise up to the challenge to make their community Ebola free.

“In the midst of Ebola, our health sector is not working because our health workers are afraid.

“This is a county initiative and we’re pleased that this is done in the spirit of unity. The President and the county leadership are fully prepared to support this fight. This is the most difficult period in our country’s history where brothers turn their back on brothers, mothers turn their back on their children and other such painful actions,” Madam Brandy noted.

In remarks, the organizer of the event Representative Julius F. Berrian described the formation of the Task Force as a huge step towards containing the Ebola spread.

“This task force has a role to play in the district and we urge our people to fully corporate. The team will be responsible to respond to emergency cases from the communities and connect them with health workers for redress.

 The necessary gear and equipment will be provided in order to protect the Task Force members and those of the various communities,” Berrian said.


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