Debbah Confident of Grand Bassa Senate Victory


Liberia’s former celebrated football star, James Salinsa Debbah, is positive about winning the Senator’s Seat for Grand Bassa County in the upcoming 2014 Special Senatorial Election.

It had been speculated he would run in Montserrado in the ensuring Special Senatorial Elections on October-2014— a run he had denied up to this point.

On Saturday, in an exclusive interview in the Port City of Buchanan, Debbah, 42, told the Daily Observer that he is poised to be the ‘better candidate.’

His statement was made during the county’s official celebration of football and basketball trophies they had captured, just under a fortnight ago.

The former Mighty Barrolle and Lone Star striker said that his success would be based on the love the people of Grand Bassa County have for him.

Salinsa did not say which Party’s ticket he intends to run on in Grand Bassa County’s Senatorial Race, giving the impression of a candidacy built on hope up to this point. Clearly, he will have to get busy soon if he is serious about what he wants to do.

In the 2005 and 2011 elections, the  player was linked to the Liberty Party (LP), but because of his connection to Ambassador George Weah, the political leader of the Congress for Democratic Change, (CDC), it is speculated that he may run on the CDC ticket, if he is left out in the cold during the LP’s convention.

Debbah's statement comes ahead of his petition ceremony, which is tentatively scheduled for next month.

"Let me say, I am contesting the Senatorial Race for Grand Bassa County and I am positive of winning. It is obvious that my people will vote for me,” Debbah said.

Known as 'Salinsa' during his football playing days, Debbah is regarded as Liberia's most popular football personality after George M. Weah, FIFA 1995 World Player of the Year and African football legend.

Meanwhile, Debbah has frowned on the program committee of the official celebration of trophies in Buchanan for not recognizing, ‘technicians’ during the program.

He said the exclusion of the coaches, Mr. Garmondeh Karnga, Cllr. Theophilus Gould and others, (including him) who contributed ‘tactically’ to the success of the teams, was not correct.

He told newsmen over the weekend during the official celebration of the football and basketball trophies, that their exclusion had a ‘political undertone,’ which he believed was mainly intended to promote would-be candidates in the forthcoming Senatorial Election.

“We too, worked and motivated the team to win amid financial and moral constraints,” Debbah said. “We all are supposed to be recognized publicly.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Program Committee, T. Nelson Williams told newsmen that the technicians were thanked and recognized duly. Debbah, however, did not show any interest in attending any of the meetings.


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